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Make the agl-compositor the default compositorsandbox/mvlad/agl-compositorsandbox/jsmoeller/agl-compositor
This makes the agl-compositor the default starting with Jumping Jellyfish For development purposes, you have these variables at hand to influence the setup: AGL_DEFAULT_WESTONSTART AGL_DEFAULT_WM_SHELL Check your conf/local.conf for details. Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Möller <> Change-Id: Iceb35375e04f947009800b80511f6360026403fe
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-description: Feature agl-compositor
-authors: Daniel Stone <>
-### Feature agl-compositor
-_agl-compositor_ is a new Wayland display server framework, based on the
-existing libweston library. It provides AGL users an extensible framework for
-window/input/output management within the display server.
-It is included as a technology preview, and is not currently ready for
-production use.