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Rework test/debug image features and crosssdk image definitions
Changes include: - The agl-test-wgt/agl-devel-wgt image features and the scheme of appending to their FEATURE_PACKAGES definitions turned out to be problematic with respect to resulting in unexpected extra packages ending up in agl-image-{minimal,ivi}, etc., when building with agl-demo configured (which is typical usage). To avoid this, the FEATURE_PACKAGE definitions for the image features have been replaced with tweaks to define COMPLEMENTARY_GLOBS for the features to bring in the test/debug/coverage packages via that mechanism. - The above removes the need to define the extra test/devel packagegroups, and requires some minor tweaks to aglwgt.bbclass to use a -debug package for the debug widget instead of -dbg, to avoid collisions with the dbg-pkgs image feature. As well, the afb-test package has been added as to RDEPENDS of all test widget packages, since that seems sensible and avoids needing to explicitly adding it elsewhere. - Attempt to rework the various crosssdk image definitions to use a layered set of .inc files to remove duplication and ensure that additions to the SDK are declared once in the appropriate profile. It is likely that a clean sheet implementation would have some things coming from meta-agl-profile-graphical, so further rework may be required/desired to continue cleaning things up. Bug-AGL: SPEC-3300, SPEC-3375 Signed-off-by: Scott Murray <> Change-Id: I942b61501beb41d037001b70a501f90b9a59c45d
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