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+description: machine ebisu
+author: <undefined>
+## Machine 'ebisu'
+### Prepare the build
+Before building the AGL distribution for Renesas 'ebisu' board, it is necessary to prepare the environnement. See [AGL Doc - Initializing Your Build Environment]( before going to the next step.
+The 'ebisu' board need some specifics binaries in order to build. These binaries contain Graphics support, specific drivers... They are only delivered by Renesas.
+Before setting up the build with `meta-agl/scripts/`, the environment variable `EBISU_BIN_PATH` need to be set. This variable specify the path to a folder which contains all ebisu's binaries zip files.
+Moreover, it's possible to launch a custom bash script during the setup. This optional step will be called at the end of the `` sequence. This can be used to add a specific configuration to the official setup or add a hotfix.
+$ cd $AGL_TOP
+$ export EBISU_BIN_PATH=/home/user/Downloads/ebisu_binaries
+$ export CUSTOM_RENESAS_CONFIG_SCRIPT=/path/to/my/ #optional
+$ source meta-agl/scripts/ -m ebisu agl-demo -f
+### Launch the build
+When your environnment is ready, you can launch the AGL build with `bitbake` :
+$ cd $AGL_TOP
+$ bitbake agl-demo-platform
+### Debugging the board
+To debug the ebisu board, the PC should be connected to the CN25 USB serial port.
+And the serial communication's protocol of the terminal software on the PC should be set as follows:
+Parameter | Value
+--- | ---
+Transfer rate | 115200 bps
+Data length | 8 bits
+Parity | Not in use
+Stop bit | 1 bit
+Flow control | Not provided