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Merge remote-tracking branch 'agl/next'
* agl/next: meta-agl-bsp: Add CONFIG_LSM workaround for 5.1+ kernels meta-agl-profile-cluster-qt5: disable qtbase patches zeus updates for dragonboard-410c meta-security: activates dbus-cynagora recipes-graphics/wayland/weston: Expose weston_output_damage() meta-agl-profile-core: tweak udisks2 configuration for AGL meta-agl-bsp/meta-arago: update weston bbappend [RCAR] Update rcar driver weston 7 bsp 3.21.0 [RCAR] Update rcar driver weston 7 bsp 3.21.0 [RCAR] Split ADSP path for ulcb and ulcb-kf Fix nss-localuser post install meta-agl-bsp: meta-raspberrypi: handle zeus upgrade meta-agl-profile-core: add patch for systemd-udevd SECLABEL crash meta-security: disable dbus-cynara patches meta-agl-bsp: handle ptest-runner upgrade meta-agl-distro: Add inc file for next branch over-rides meta-agl-distro: BBMASK problematic upstream meta-security bbappend meta-agl-distro: prefer linux-yocto 4.19 LTS kernel meta-agl-profile-graphical-qt5: enable qt5location services meta-agl-profile-core: update most recipe meta-agl-profile-core: update neardal recipe Update base local.conf.sample meta-agl-profile-graphical: don't always build agl-compositor meta-agl-profile-graphical: update weston and weston-init meta-agl-profile-graphical: update wayland-ivi-extension for weston 7.0.0 meta-agl-distro: add polkit to DISTRO_FEATURES meta-agl-profile-core: update fontconfig bbappend meta-agl-profile-core: switch to udisks2 meta-security: handle systemd upgrade meta-agl-profile-graphical-qt5: handle qtwayland upgrade meta-agl-profile-core: handle freetype upgrade meta-agl-bsp meta-agl-profile-core: upgrade to opencv 4.x meta-agl-profile-core: update rtl-sdr recipe for zeus meta-security meta-app-framework: handle xmlsec1 upgrade meta-agl-profile-graphical: upgrade to gstreamer 1.16 meta-agl-profile-core: remove libmicrohttpd backport meta-agl-profile-core: remove backported curl and nghttp2 recipes meta-agl-profile-core: remove libnfc recipe meta-agl-profile-core: remove connman backport meta-agl-profile-graphical: remove weston 5.0.0 patches meta-agl-profile-core: remove old glibc patch meta-agl-bsp/meta-intel: remove linux-firmware_git.bbappend meta-agl-bsp: remove weston and wayland-protocols backports meta-app-framework: remove libzip recipe meta-security: remove keyutils recipe Declare layer compatibility with zeus Change-Id: Ie8ee1e37958279e7cf2d503c54ffacb46ba0c31c
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diff --git a/templates/base/local.conf.sample b/templates/base/local.conf.sample
index 365b6eb20..2e0bb41e6 100644
--- a/templates/base/local.conf.sample
+++ b/templates/base/local.conf.sample
@@ -28,14 +28,14 @@
# There are also the following hardware board target machines included for
# demonstration purposes:
-#MACHINE ?= "beaglebone"
+#MACHINE ?= "beaglebone-yocto"
#MACHINE ?= "genericx86"
#MACHINE ?= "genericx86-64"
#MACHINE ?= "mpc8315e-rdb"
#MACHINE ?= "edgerouter"
-# This sets the default machine to be qemux86 if no other machine is selected:
-MACHINE ??= "qemux86"
+# This sets the default machine to be qemux86-64 if no other machine is selected:
+MACHINE ??= "qemux86-64"
# Where to place downloads
@@ -124,6 +124,8 @@ PACKAGE_CLASSES ?= "package_rpm"
# variable can contain the following options:
# "dbg-pkgs" - add -dbg packages for all installed packages
# (adds symbol information for debugging/profiling)
+# "src-pkgs" - add -src packages for all installed packages
+# (adds source code for debugging)
# "dev-pkgs" - add -dev packages for all installed packages
# (useful if you want to develop against libs in the image)
# "ptest-pkgs" - add -ptest packages for all ptest-enabled packages
@@ -149,7 +151,6 @@ EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES ?= "debug-tweaks"
# - 'buildstats' collect build statistics
# - 'image-mklibs' to reduce shared library files size for an image
# - 'image-prelink' in order to prelink the filesystem image
-# - 'image-swab' to perform host system intrusion detection
# NOTE: if listing mklibs & prelink both, then make sure mklibs is before prelink
# NOTE: mklibs also needs to be explicitly enabled for a given image, see local.conf.extended
USER_CLASSES ?= "buildstats image-mklibs image-prelink"
@@ -158,10 +159,12 @@ USER_CLASSES ?= "buildstats image-mklibs image-prelink"
# Runtime testing of images
# The build system can test booting virtual machine images under qemu (an emulator)
-# after any root filesystems are created and run tests against those images. To
-# enable this uncomment this line. See classes/testimage(-auto).bbclass for
-# further details.
-#TEST_IMAGE = "1"
+# after any root filesystems are created and run tests against those images. It can also
+# run tests against any SDK that are built. To enable this uncomment these lines.
+# See classes/test{image,sdk}.bbclass for further details.
+#IMAGE_CLASSES += "testimage testsdk"
+#TESTIMAGE_AUTO_qemuall = "1"
# Interactive shell configuration
@@ -191,7 +194,7 @@ PATCHRESOLVE = "noop"
# files and damages the build in ways which may not be easily recoverable.
# It's necesary to monitor /tmp, if there is no space left the build will fail
# with very exotic errors.
@@ -219,17 +222,45 @@ BB_DISKMON_DIRS = "\
#file://.* http://someserver.tld/share/sstate/PATH;downloadfilename=PATH \n \
#file://.* file:///some/local/dir/sstate/PATH"
+# Yocto Project SState Mirror
+# The Yocto Project has prebuilt artefacts available for its releases, you can enable
+# use of these by uncommenting the following line. This will mean the build uses
+# the network to check for artefacts at the start of builds, which does slow it down
+# equally, it will also speed up the builds by not having to build things if they are
+# present in the cache. It assumes you can download something faster than you can build it
+# which will depend on your network.
+#SSTATE_MIRRORS ?= "file://.*;downloadfilename=PATH"
# Qemu configuration
-# By default qemu will build with a builtin VNC server where graphical output can be
-# seen. The two lines below enable the SDL backend too. By default libsdl-native will
-# be built, if you want to use your host's libSDL instead of the minimal libsdl built
-# by libsdl-native then uncomment the ASSUME_PROVIDED line below.
-PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-qemu-native = " sdl"
-PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-nativesdk-qemu = " sdl"
-#ASSUME_PROVIDED += "libsdl-native"
+# By default native qemu will build with a builtin VNC server where graphical output can be
+# seen. The line below enables the SDL UI frontend too.
+PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-qemu-system-native = " sdl"
+# By default libsdl2-native will be built, if you want to use your host's libSDL instead of
+# the minimal libsdl built by libsdl2-native then uncomment the ASSUME_PROVIDED line below.
+#ASSUME_PROVIDED += "libsdl2-native"
+# You can also enable the Gtk UI frontend, which takes somewhat longer to build, but adds
+# a handy set of menus for controlling the emulator.
+#PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-qemu-system-native = " gtk+"
+# Hash Equivalence
+# Enable support for automatically running a local hash equivalence server and
+# instruct bitbake to use a hash equivalence aware signature generator. Hash
+# equivalence improves reuse of sstate by detecting when a given sstate
+# artifact can be reused as equivalent, even if the current task hash doesn't
+# match the one that generated the artifact.
+# A shared hash equivalent server can be set with "<HOSTNAME>:<PORT>" format
+#BB_HASHSERVE = "auto"
# CONF_VERSION is increased each time build/conf/ changes incompatibly and is used to
# track the version of this file when it was generated. This can safely be ignored if
diff --git a/templates/machine/dragonboard-410c/ b/templates/machine/dragonboard-410c/
index 4a3cae0f3..41fe36719 100644
--- a/templates/machine/dragonboard-410c/
+++ b/templates/machine/dragonboard-410c/
@@ -1,2 +1,2 @@
BBLAYERS =+ "${METADIR}/bsp/meta-qcom"
-BBMASK .= "|bsp/meta-qcom/openembedded-layer/recipes-navigation/gpsd"
+BBMASK += "bsp/meta-qcom/openembedded-layer/recipes-navigation/gpsd"