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+ * Copyright 2010-2015, Inc. or its affiliates. All Rights Reserved.
+ *
+ * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License").
+ * You may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
+ * A copy of the License is located at
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+ * or in the "license" file accompanying this file. This file is distributed
+ * express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing
+ * permissions and limitations under the License.
+ */
+ * @file aws_iot_config.h
+ * @brief AWS IoT specific configuration file
+ */
+#ifndef AWS_IOT_CONFIG_H_
+#define AWS_IOT_CONFIG_H_
+// Get from console
+// =================================================
+#define AWS_IOT_MQTT_HOST "" ///< Customer specific MQTT HOST. The same will be used for Thing Shadow
+#define AWS_IOT_MQTT_PORT 443 ///< default port for MQTT/S
+#define AWS_IOT_MQTT_CLIENT_ID "" ///< MQTT client ID should be unique for every device
+#define AWS_IOT_MY_THING_NAME "" ///< Thing Name of the Shadow this device is associated with
+#define AWS_IOT_ROOT_CA_FILENAME "" ///< Root CA file name
+#define AWS_IOT_CERTIFICATE_FILENAME "" ///< device signed certificate file name
+#define AWS_IOT_PRIVATE_KEY_FILENAME "" ///< Device private key filename
+// =================================================
+// MQTT PubSub
+#define AWS_IOT_MQTT_TX_BUF_LEN 10240 ///< Any time a message is sent out through the MQTT layer. The message is copied into this buffer anytime a publish is done. This will also be used in the case of Thing Shadow
+#define AWS_IOT_MQTT_RX_BUF_LEN 10240 ///< Any message that comes into the device should be less than this buffer size. If a received message is bigger than this buffer size the message will be dropped.
+#define AWS_IOT_MQTT_NUM_SUBSCRIBE_HANDLERS 5 ///< Maximum number of topic filters the MQTT client can handle at any given time. This should be increased appropriately when using Thing Shadow
+// Thing Shadow specific configs
+#define SHADOW_MAX_SIZE_OF_RX_BUFFER (AWS_IOT_MQTT_RX_BUF_LEN+1) ///< Maximum size of the SHADOW buffer to store the received Shadow message, including terminating NULL byte.
+#define MAX_SIZE_OF_UNIQUE_CLIENT_ID_BYTES 80 ///< Maximum size of the Unique Client Id. For More info on the Client Id refer \ref response "Acknowledgments"
+#define MAX_SIZE_CLIENT_ID_WITH_SEQUENCE MAX_SIZE_OF_UNIQUE_CLIENT_ID_BYTES + 10 ///< This is size of the extra sequence number that will be appended to the Unique client Id
+#define MAX_SIZE_CLIENT_TOKEN_CLIENT_SEQUENCE MAX_SIZE_CLIENT_ID_WITH_SEQUENCE + 20 ///< This is size of the the total clientToken key and value pair in the JSON
+#define MAX_ACKS_TO_COMEIN_AT_ANY_GIVEN_TIME 10 ///< At Any given time we will wait for this many responses. This will correlate to the rate at which the shadow actions are requested
+#define MAX_THINGNAME_HANDLED_AT_ANY_GIVEN_TIME 10 ///< We could perform shadow action on any thing Name and this is maximum Thing Names we can act on at any given time
+#define MAX_JSON_TOKEN_EXPECTED 120 ///< These are the max tokens that is expected to be in the Shadow JSON document. Include the metadata that gets published
+#define MAX_SHADOW_TOPIC_LENGTH_WITHOUT_THINGNAME 60 ///< All shadow actions have to be published or subscribed to a topic which is of the format $aws/things/{thingName}/shadow/update/accepted. This refers to the size of the topic without the Thing Name
+#define MAX_SIZE_OF_THING_NAME 30 ///< The Thing Name should not be bigger than this value. Modify this if the Thing Name needs to be bigger
+#define MAX_SHADOW_TOPIC_LENGTH_BYTES MAX_SHADOW_TOPIC_LENGTH_WITHOUT_THINGNAME + MAX_SIZE_OF_THING_NAME ///< This size includes the length of topic with Thing Name
+// Auto Reconnect specific config
+#define AWS_IOT_MQTT_MIN_RECONNECT_WAIT_INTERVAL 1000 ///< Minimum time before the First reconnect attempt is made as part of the exponential back-off algorithm
+#define AWS_IOT_MQTT_MAX_RECONNECT_WAIT_INTERVAL 128000 ///< Maximum time interval after which exponential back-off will stop attempting to reconnect.
+#define DISABLE_METRICS true ///< Disable the collection of metrics by setting this to true
+#endif /* AWS_IOT_CONFIG_H_ */