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+# SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
+# Copyright (c) 2020, MERA
+# Author: Leonid Lazarev
+# Xen Boot Script
+# We do not set fdt_addr, because device tree initially is loaded by raspberry pi firmware loader and the particular
+# modification are performed. The prepared DTS is propagated to u-boot and this prepared device tree has to be reused.
+setenv kernel_addr_r 0x00480000 # 16M
+setenv xen_addr_r 0x00200000 # 2M
+# Load xen to ${xen_addr_r}.
+fatload mmc 0:1 ${xen_addr_r} /xen-@@MACHINE@@
+#configure dom0
+fdt addr ${fdt_addr}
+#read prepared bootargs, rapsberry pi prepared initial list of the parameters for loading
+fdt get value bootargs /chosen bootargs
+fdt resize 8192
+# add device type for raspberry
+fdt set pcie0 device_type "pci"
+fdt chosen
+fdt set /chosen \#address-cells <1>
+fdt set /chosen \#size-cells <1>
+# Load Linux Image to ${kernel_addr_r}
+fatload mmc 0:1 ${kernel_addr_r} /@@KERNEL_IMAGETYPE@@
+# we load dom0 with 1512 MB of memory
+fdt mknod /chosen dom0
+fdt set /chosen xen,xen-bootargs "console=dtuart dtuart=/soc/serial@7e215040 sync_console dom0_mem=1512M bootscrub=0"
+fdt set /chosen xen,dom0-bootargs "${bootargs}"
+fdt set /chosen/dom0 compatible "xen,linux-zimage", "xen,multiboot-module"
+fdt set /chosen/dom0 reg <${kernel_addr_r} 0x${filesize} >
+@@KERNEL_BOOTCMD@@ ${xen_addr_r} - ${fdt_addr}