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2017-03-03Add dependency to imagesRonan14-38/+71
* [SPEC-424] * yocto image should use dependency to facilitate maintenance * yocto image should have its own LICENSE defined Change-Id: I47a6c35f5b80947c5ef8b4761dd98b4bc82a5507 Signed-off-by: Ronan <>
2017-03-03adding reboot via efi for MinnowboardDominig ar Foll (Intel Open Source)1-1/+1
Change-Id: I15eea117e6ab3194a1ffd136d2dc5b4dc6c2f659 Signed-off-by: Dominig ar Foll (Intel Open Source) <>
2017-03-03handling of console device by local.conf to automate Joule supportDominig ar Foll (Intel Open Source)1-24/+18
Change-Id: I884827ed221ad7dc53512aa213291b1f48e60dac Signed-off-by: Dominig ar Foll (Intel Open Source) <>
2017-03-01dra7xx-evm: Enable the cmem driverKarthik Ramanan1-0/+1
Change-Id: I3bef001ac992e7d07fd72a6def65df744399489a Signed-off-by: Karthik Ramanan <>
2017-03-01aglsetup: check build dir integrity (no spaces)Stephane Desneux1-1/+9
The absolute build path shouldn't contain any space. Discussion: Change-Id: If3de580a2a8fd0f944c40f669a9fcd2de7e1f04b Signed-off-by: Stephane Desneux <>
2017-03-01Removed touchscreen fix on gen3Ronan Le Martret1-0/+1
* fix-touchscreen-crash.patch is already present in meta-rcar. * need to be backport to CC Change-Id: I66dd246288c243c06f6ee022e07a95abeec10c37 Signed-off-by: Ronan Le Martret <>
2017-02-25remove smack config frags (contained in intel-iot), fix hid.cfgNathan Illerbrun4-18/+4
Change-Id: Iece0d626725dcb218029c58b3772933eb5e93999 Signed-off-by: Nathan Illerbrun <>
2017-02-25Define uids/gids for all user in the system statically.Anton Gerasimov3-0/+147
Is necessary for full-filesystem updates on a stateful system. Bug-AGL: SPEC-440 Change-Id: I104dfbc27f05c91516d612d4c24e3533bb821d78 Signed-off-by: Anton Gerasimov <>
2017-02-25meta-agl-bsp/meta-ti: remove duplicate smack configStephane Desneux3-14/+0
The base smack config is already set by meta-intel-iot-security with a linux-%.bbappend, which applies to all kernels. See: meta-intel-iot-security/meta-security-smack/recipes-kernel/linux/ Bug-AGL: SPEC-450 Change-Id: I39727ee48876754c0821e80ed8d10856a27cb8e4 Signed-off-by: Stephane Desneux <>
2017-02-24meta-agl-bsp/meta-qcom: remove duplicate smack configStephane Desneux3-14/+2
The base smack config is already set by meta-intel-iot-security with a linux-%.bbappend, which applies to all kernels. i See: meta-intel-iot-security/meta-security-smack/recipes-kernel/linux/ Bug-AGL: SPEC-450 Change-Id: I3fe57d5396827f48f18e2f04bf6f0c4d5ee4a894 Signed-off-by: Stephane Desneux <>
2017-02-24Fix the typo of sufix qemux86-64Phong Tran1-1/+1
The machine name is qemux86-64 not qemux86_64 Change-Id: Iab643759f2df4e702abe518611a9347415668e27 Signed-off-by: Phong Tran <>
2017-02-19Add template for Altera Cyclone5Jan-Simon Möller3-0/+4
This adds a first template for the Altera cyclone5 board. The build is not yet complete (failing on some gcc6 issue in qtmultimedia-rtlfm-radio-plugin). A few notes: CFLAGS/Tunings are set to -mfpu=softfp compared to the hardfp of all the other target boards we have. Change-Id: I9b179d9aef610ee5a67166df2dd79a52e2ac6c19 Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Möller <>
2017-02-17packagegroup-agl-devel: add treeMartin Kelly1-0/+1
tree can be useful for quickly seeing a deep directory hierarchy. Change-Id: I5071aa85ebeb6f26571a89859cf91b4c6073ecd5 Signed-off-by: Martin Kelly <>
2017-02-16Added first boot service for AGLRonan Le Martret4-0/+101
* Allow script execution at the end of the boot. * Yocto first boot service is install at for "" level. AGL need to have a custom service, exec when target service system, (SYSTEMD_SERVICE_AFTER), is up. * All script inside directory "/etc/agl-postinsts" will be exec at the first boot. * After the first boot the service "run-agl-postinsts.service" is disable. Change-Id: Ib12b7e11b451b4a41c4a31f5cda3686679fe9c08 Signed-off-by: Ronan Le Martret <>
2017-02-16README-AGL: correct rootfstype to ext4Martin Kelly1-1/+1
README-AGL incorrectly recommends to use rootfstype=ext3, but the current filesystem is ext4, which causes boot failures due to unsupported filesystem features. Without this patch, you get the following when attempting to boot on porter with rootfstype=ext3: EXT3-fs (mmcblk0p1): error: couldn't mount because of unsupported optional features (240) Change-Id: I346b76b59420f1ffb7acea58d82961acdf24aaf1 Signed-off-by: Martin Kelly <>
2017-02-16packagegroup-agl-devel: add htopMartin Kelly1-0/+1
htop is a very nice top alternative. Change-Id: I12b6e21ee524a19c8194c256893f53b239d4caf6 Signed-off-by: Martin Kelly <>
2017-02-16dra7xx-evm: morty: enable SGX KM driverKarthik Ramanan1-3/+1
Change-Id: I8047baaad8704e39d49158a1677cc1c06615102a Signed-off-by: Karthik Ramanan <>
2017-02-15Disable Weston DRM backend in QEMUScott Murray2-2/+5
Since the Weston DRM backend does not work with the video card implementations in VirtualBox and VMWare player, and has some outstanding issues on QEMU that have resulted in GenIVI not enabling it[1], disable it for now. A comment has been added to the QEMU weston.ini indicating that the DRM backend can be re-enabled to potentially gain higher performance. Additionally, the common weston.service systemd unit has been modified to add the --tty option to weston-launch to start weston on /dev/tty1. This is now required to avoid console messages writing on top of the HomeScreen in QEMU, and is harmless to operation on the other platforms. [1]: Bug-AGL: SPEC-405 Change-Id: Ic0c0adeb15baf392e3ffa0bbd26c62d060df1ef5 Signed-off-by: Scott Murray <>
2017-02-14raspberrypi-linux: add smack patchset to 4.9 bbappendMatt Ranostay3-75/+78
Breakout smack patchset files definitions into both 4.4 and 4.9 bbappends since the later only needs one of the patches. Issue: SPEC-443 Change-Id: I04afcaf55da2f9aa735e6798ba60a00ba0838726 Signed-off-by: Matt Ranostay <>
2017-02-07dra7xx-evm: morty: temporarily disable kernel drivers for sgx and cmemKarthik Ramanan1-2/+3
Change-Id: Id8d440ebd420f93ea2952405d88a61fd48dc05b6 Signed-off-by: Karthik Ramanan <>
2017-02-06Add bluetooth support to renesas rcar-gen3.Builder2-1/+33
Change-Id: Iad1185f03ad82e297f5368108d586f0af3894b23 Signed-off-by: Romain Forlot <>
2017-02-03weston: Set XDG_RUNTIME_DIR for qcomKotaro Hashimoto3-0/+40
Without this environment variable, Weston fails to start on Dragonboard Change-Id: I8863b79c47cde44d7830bc51e4ddc1be64eaff65 Signed-off-by: Kotaro Hashimoto <>
2017-02-03Fix issue with bluetooth pairingKotaro Hashimoto5-0/+204
This patch is ported from meta-agl-extra. Change-Id: I02ef686e9f4ba10f30010397675f46e03d616a33 Signed-off-by: Kotaro Hashimoto <>
2017-02-03Enable smack in linux-linaro-qcomlt kernelKotaro Hashimoto3-2/+14
This changes enables the smack feature in linux-linaro-qcomlt kernel by using configuration fragments. Change-Id: I54183ffcf31f63ea99ba785442e1833299c3f273 Signed-off-by: Kotaro Hashimoto <>
2017-01-31Fix crosssdk image creationRonan Le Martret1-0/+5
* Task do_populate_sdk and do_rootfs can't be exec simultaneously. * Both exec "createrepo" on the same directory, and so one of them * can failed (randomly). Change-Id: I106423fd9e10e95bd63503ca39921521cd5253f6 Signed-off-by: Ronan Le Martret <>
2017-01-31Fix build for MACHINE m3ulcbRonan Le Martret1-4/+3
* 0003-IPL-ddrinit-rev-0.20rc8.patch conflict with 0001-fix-build-for-gcc6-for-h3-init_dram.patch * 0001-fix-build-for-gcc6-for-h3-init_dram.patch is only use for MACHINE h3ulcb Change-Id: I88b90583d8ed878b1aac76592c0953fa4ebdc92d Signed-off-by: Ronan Le Martret <>
2017-01-28Fix remaining occurrence of meta-yoctoJan-Simon Möller1-1/+1
This changeset replaces the old meta-yocto with meta-poky. It avoids the warning message NOTE: Your conf/bblayers.conf has been automatically updated. Change-Id: I89fa0a2eb1ed794b01539fbeee87bae82cf272dc Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Möller <>
2017-01-27meta-raspberrypi: fix overlay issues with sdcard_image-rpi-gdp.bbclassMatt Ranostay1-2/+3
Use smarter detection of overlays blobs for copying into sdcard image. Issue: SPEC-409 Change-Id: Ic0d039ad5bfb18896fb1b52474ce2348a5434a0f Signed-off-by: Matt Ranostay <>
2017-01-27scripts/aglsetup: remove duplicate features before generating configStephane Desneux1-2/+2
With features dependencies, it may happen that the final list of features to handle contains duplicates. With recent changes on configuration fragments, this produces some WARNINGS due to multiple inclusions of the same file in the generated local.conf . This commit cleans up the features list resolved internally by removing duplicates before generating local.conf Change-Id: I009c41108086e76b76272e62c8ba9101fcc45437 Signed-off-by: Stephane Desneux <>
2017-01-26Extend bootloader timeoutJan-Simon Möller1-0/+2
Change-Id: Ia46fba4d730918b9da5062b8b7f12f9e4af3a6e4 Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Möller <>
2017-01-26Adapt test yaml definition to code changesJan-Simon Möller1-1/+1
Change-Id: I035cad67460b9e6c29f882cd983fe80f653757df Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Möller <>
2017-01-26Move feature code into the meta recipesRonan31-602/+633
* Having a minimlal local.conf serving the only purpose of user customization is the "Yocto" way of doing things * After a source synchronization (repo sync), feature code must be update without regenerate local.conf Change-Id: I0bb0861f4c07a8b57cb59a03f6ffe9d2d693cbbe Signed-off-by: Ronan <>
2017-01-26Jump kernel of rasb3 from V4.4.16 to V4.4.43Ronan1-4/+0
* Fix build for AGL Change-Id: I2f799daab05dd295397d2ae05b7e9ab1d707128c Signed-off-by: Ronan <>
2017-01-26Fix bitbake QA issues for test packagesRonan5-0/+9
* fix "QA Issue: No GNU_HASH in the elf binary" Change-Id: I81990e4ef91cee156667bf2deaaa9a4e3014f4ca Signed-off-by: Ronan <>
2017-01-26Remove deprecated package netpipeRonan3-272/+0
* the upstream package, of netpipe, doesn't existe anymore * site is down Change-Id: I6f721d41ecbda4f83a3f0b6ff2d61373e474147b Signed-off-by: Ronan <>
2017-01-24rcar-gen2: linux-renesas: backport r820t tuner driver to fix SPEC-418Harunobu Kurokawa4-0/+118
Fix the issue that radio app using r820t tuner driver some times crash. Bug-AGL: SPEC-418 Change-Id: I1529ecba91c3988eea6b271d5f8ce6d2d8f1bb11 Signed-off-by: Harunobu Kurokawa <>
2017-01-24meta-oic: Align to 1.2.0, drop downstream changesPhilippe Coval3-145/+0
This is reverting all downstream changes: Change-Id: I6af59a590f8be489398623d29cf85c2f00000002 Change-Id: I06f56ae860760002a6376866488e1f55624f50cc Change-Id: I4c735a276d3a484a330ef1ea8611105e6a84e35a Bug-AGL: SPEC-158 Change-Id: I9bee17f841d1caa5492112fc4ea044fee9104038 Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>
2017-01-20enhance hw testsJan-Simon Möller2-3/+5
Change-Id: I4796047143e1fd2d2f74a22373ce6c85996a7ae3 Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Möller <>
2017-01-19Reenable sota sdcard image for rpiJan-Simon Möller1-1/+1
Change-Id: I5801a2bc252a581eb82c7c540e4d546882f1ca62 Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Möller <>
2017-01-18Add hwtest enable flags for rpi3Jan-Simon Möller4-0/+57
Change-Id: Ifc21b44eef0b40657c04e011575cb27f0533d956 Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Möller <>
2017-01-18Revert "Remove agl-sota from ci builds until fixed for morty"Jan-Simon Moeller3-3/+3
This reverts commit 580518e556f73649fb516a350f0906bafb51e6d1. Change-Id: I1514b0619cb85eea5cb101dfe229ab454238cfb5 Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Möller <>
2017-01-18Left behind AMB parts.Romain Forlot17-1406/+1
Automotive packagegroup recipe kept, but empty. Future specific automotive packages may be added later. Change-Id: Iebfea2a0f0671c3fa3e03a5d96dd1eeb0453eaf0 Signed-off-by: Romain Forlot <>
2017-01-18fix gcc 6 build for arm-trusted-firmwareRonan2-0/+27
* prevent error, when gcc 6.2 is used: "initializer element is not a constant expression" * ref: Change-Id: I35be13c8b169222972becde16b5382782195de6e Signed-off-by: Ronan <>
2017-01-17update local.conf.sample from mortyRonan2-21/+24
* come from poky 2.2 morty: - poky/meta-poky/conf/local.conf.sample * keep USER_CLASSES unchange into local.conf.sample. Redefined it into poky-agl distro instead. This will be easier to maintain and keep a trace of modification from upstream. Change-Id: Iaede1c6112a71e1585d1d8adfc6046fec9dd28cb Signed-off-by: Ronan <>
2017-01-16hard revert on mesa from the atticRonan2-0/+0
* because of a recipes from meta-rcar, we need to keep a mesa_10 recipes (and never use it...) - meta-rcar/meta-rcar-gen3/recipes-graphics/mesa/mesa_10.%.bbappend * a fix was send uptream and waiting intergration ... * waiting pull request: Change-Id: Ia6bb84892f2a12ec5f8a4d4f3c5c70f60c7fa569 Signed-off-by: Ronan <>
2017-01-16meta-oic: "Revert Rebase on iotivity maintenance branch for aarch64"Philippe Coval0-0/+0
Hotfix for 1.1.1 is not needed anymore, since it was also updated upstream. Since AGL updated to 1.2.0, so cleaning up should not change anything, but if for some reason 1.1.1 is wanted, upstream reversion will be used. This reverts commit d4ff75ebfbed7c01fe7c91286a814316e3483df5. For more detail about oic support check: Bug-AGL: SPEC-158 Change-Id: I5d95552bbe14dec66440b14b84914fd1cdc65a3b Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>
2017-01-16replace deprecated function base_containsRonan2-4/+4
* replace base_contains by bb.utils.contains * base_contains is deprecated use bb.utils.contains instead * yocto version: 2.2 Change-Id: Iaed1e8d0dd36d7ad348ac144fdcdf28ccd359e40 Signed-off-by: Ronan <>
2017-01-16Add backup src_uri for gpmJan-Simon Möller2-0/+7
The upstream server for gpm is broken so use a mirror. Change-Id: Id7945aaa60c92b5aa93529ed93272322f3b88e47 Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Möller <>
2017-01-16Update meta-ivi-common for 'Daring Dab'Jan-Simon Möller11-59/+1
This changeset removes unused or old/stale files from the meta-ivi-common layer before the 'Daring Dab' development cycle starts. Change-Id: I3fcdf345918771c6cdfd5a0c01b792ca3d8ae3ad Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Möller <>
2017-01-16Update meta-agl-bsp for 'Daring Dab'Jan-Simon Möller7-4/+0
This changeset removes unused or old/stale files from the meta-agl-bsp layer before the 'Daring Dab' development cycle starts. Change-Id: I9df5841bb65545a435637d1067df573506f4cb02 Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Möller <>