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2020-01-29templates/feature/agl-compositor: Allow to test experimental agl-compositorMarius Vlad1-0/+14
Facilitates testing the client shell (homescreen) with the newer agl-compositor, but only enabled when DISTRO_FEATURES has 'agl-compositor'. Uses a WIP branch for it. Regular clients, like hvac, mediaplayer, launcher and navigation-demo also use the WIP branch. This modifies the conf/local file so it either needs a clean build directory or it requires an override of the conf/local when sourcing the aglsetup script. Bug-AGL: SPEC-3123, SPEC-3124 Signed-off-by: Marius Vlad <> Suggested-by: Jan-Simon Möller <> Change-Id: Ice650b5b61ebd1e1a35f045301c14e0bedda3a05
2020-01-28af-main: Improve Smack setupJosé Bollo1-1/+1
Improve setup for solving access issues While developping the binding afb-test, the export of the binding afm-test, using "provided-binding" feature revealed to be broken because of security setup. Bug-AGL: SPEC-2795 Change-Id: I0af4a46aaa191cad167a332ebb2d14ebbfe04c6a Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2020-01-28af-main: Use xdg-shell-v6 for agl-compositorMarius Vlad1-1/+3
As we're using xdg-shell-v6 instead of ivi-shell for agl-compositor and applications, make the transition much easier (that is, having a fully bootable workable image) by making it default when the DISTRO_FEATURES specify it. Bug-AGL: SPEC-3128 Signed-off-by: Marius Vlad <> Change-Id: I1bf1546d3cfab14b1b4b76199ba60207c984d69f
2020-01-28Bump libafb-helpFrederic Marec1-1/+1
Update SRCREV to pick-up: 1d1c6ce timer: Fix stopping a running timer 6d828a1 Add 'GetRunningBindingDirPath' function 4480e19 Add 'GetAFBRootDirPath' function Bug-AGL: SPEC-2795 Change-Id: Ia788cb99c84dd2bc5e62134447a9b26ae53a885e Signed-off-by: Frederic Marec <>
2020-01-27Remove systemtap from AGLRonan Le Martret2-1/+1
- systemtap is not compatible with SOTA build. Change-Id: Ibdd7670b219b54f5c4243d0f67ce74e979f11db9 Bug-AGL: SPEC-3097 Signed-off-by: Ronan Le Martret <>
2020-01-24packagegroup: agl-core-devel: add gcc-sanitizers packageMatt Ranostay1-0/+1
AddressSanitizers debugging requires shared libraries on runtime to function. Bug-AGL: SPEC-3040 Change-Id: Ibd7148f98f8ae9c9bd5989d4eeaef4256079955a Signed-off-by: Matt Ranostay <>
2020-01-21libqtappfw: update SRCREVScott Murray1-1/+1
Update SRCREV to pick up: cd1a7f3 libqtappfw: add initial HVAC support cd5c8fe Add initial voice-capabilities binding support 68cb7fe voice: remove workarounds for broken vshl-core event JSON Bug-AGL: SPEC-3084, SPEC-3110, SPEC-2984 Change-Id: I93bd9bf25e9f15cc163a2b531794369480265b6a Signed-off-by: Scott Murray <>
2020-01-21Extend qemux86-64 images to support real hardwarePaul Barker3-12/+7
* Build wic images for qemux86-64 which can be written to a USB stick or SD card. * Support both virtual and physical displays for all qemu targets. * Use a wks file which works on both virtual and physical machines. EFI is now required to boot the VMDK image. * Drop inclusion of `microcode.cpio` in the boot partition in the wic file `systemd-intel-corei7-64-bootdisk.wks`. This file is not available for qemux86-64 images and is not strictly necessary. Bug-AGL: SPEC-2931 Change-Id: Ib3982906e52d3a964a921c9a2234cab697fe0551 Signed-off-by: Paul Barker <>
2020-01-10af-binder: UpgradeJose Bollo1-1/+1
This upgrade of the binder includes improvement in event handling (SPEC-3069) and minor fixes. Unscription should now be immediately effective as expected, no matter how many subscribe was done. Included commits: * 8828c6be main-afb-client-demo: Fix typo * f3d1f19a afb-apiset: Fix start of apis * 18d28239 AFB.js: pass event name * ca0f859d afb-proto-ws: Improve comment and names * f40979c7 afb-proto-ws: Add message for unexpected event * c6fcbec3 afb-evt: Improve name of listening functions * 36ed9d2e afb-evt: Ensure unsubscribe works * 164f1414 afb-ws-client: Improve direct URI * 65353dce Update copyright dates Bug-AGL: SPEC-3066 Bug-AGL: SPEC-3069 Bug-AGL: SPEC-3087 Bug-AGL: SPEC-3094 Change-Id: I499643564a1026f54b7cfd68f73352561e1d8649 Signed-off-by: Jose Bollo <>
2019-12-30Update dependencies of agl-service-can-low-levelJan-Simon Moeller1-1/+1
The upcoming changes require a new dependency to be added to the recipe. Bug-AGL: SPEC-3078 . Change-Id: Iaf1954075903fcbbf414f024fce7b521e00c9017 Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Moeller <>
2019-12-30dev-mapping: Add RPROVIDES mechanismScott Murray3-5/+8
Add RPROVIDES and PREFFERED_RPROVIDER definitions to define a new virtual/low-can-dev-mapping runtime package dependency that will enable providing a different device mapping configuration for demo setups. Bug-AGL: SPEC-3076 Change-Id: I73d253a0a1285dd4576bb3b5bf04568c3d05e60c Signed-off-by: Scott Murray <>
2019-12-29libqtappfw: update SRCREVScott Murray1-1/+1
Update SRCREV to pick up: 95e3f5a Merge "voice: add vendor name to voiceagent model" 68e84b1 radio: Make sure min/max frequency are initialized edb90cd voice: add vendor name to voiceagent model Bug-AGL: SPEC-2981, SPEC-3041 Change-Id: I30582015b13721c8bf54386404f7e67a978bc016 Signed-off-by: Scott Murray <>
2019-12-28Update distro configuration post-rc4Jan-Simon Möller1-2/+2
Itchy Icefish rc4 is out. The merge window for rc5 is open. Change-Id: I7cf6aee8b43db5fa7159d8fa0dbc1b9c97edced8 Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Möller <>
2019-12-20Change the distro config for Icefish rc4icefish_8.99.4icefish/ Möller1-3/+3
Due to a critical bug in rc3, we'll do an early rc4. This changes the distro configuration. Change-Id: I25cb3fa513a66e26b443e986641cddf42a303e94 Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Möller <>
2019-12-20af-main: Fix allocation of idsJose Bollo1-1/+1
The allocation of ids and ports was broken because ids was not well scanned since commit 6008a3e Bug-AGL: SPEC-3068 Change-Id: Ia92a9c05e99ba1b62856d1610d2a91c9693c35e2 Signed-off-by: Jose Bollo <>
2019-12-20af-binder: Fix a critical bugJose Bollo1-1/+1
This fix a critical bug of the binder that lead to memory crash and instabilities. Bug-AGL: SPEC-3066 Change-Id: Ied3756fb7cf0dea423cda1c8367510fc175ab447 Signed-off-by: Jose Bollo <>
2019-12-20Add cloc to hosttools and use patched sourcesJan-Simon Möller1-1/+5
to use the cloc bbclass, cloc needs to be installed on the host. Thus add it to HOSTTOOLS and also apply all patches. Change-Id: Ifd9a355d2d0dc75f55b683e9d7f398a8f46bae16 Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Möller <>
2019-12-19af-main: OAuth client credentials and localuser namesJosé Bollo3-36/+2
This includes: - the basic OAuth client credential server - the token logic for WAM apps - the use of localuser names WAM apps Bug-AGL: SPEC-2968 Bug-AGL: SPEC-3032 Bug-AGL: SPEC-3033 Bug-AGL: SPEC-3014 Change-Id: I37588d4a4f9b74bb0ab0da70c7fbae1f8979f25e Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2019-12-19cynagoauth: Add a basic OAuth serverJosé Bollo1-0/+23
cynagoauth is a basic OAuth2 server implementing delivery of tokens based on the Smack label of the client. Bug-AGL: SPEC-2550 Bug-AGL: SPEC-2968 Bug-AGL: SPEC-3032 Change-Id: I93aa1864ac68ec51963a25e80150879ea88a5766 Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2019-12-19libwindowmanager & libhomescreen: Handle hostname of remoteJosé Bollo2-2/+3
The remote can be different from localhost. This new versions allow to specify explicitely the host. Implicitely, it is still localhost. Bug-AGL: SPEC-3014 Change-Id: Id3b4e84801e17ba6c67f2df0d32b5f449cdcb841 Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2019-12-19cynagora: Bump versionJosé Bollo1-2/+2
Includes: * 23bc103 agent-at: Move field separator from : to ; * c29761c Improve integration of cynagora Bug-AGL: SPEC-2968 Change-Id: I83af517b446f0a55de253568b17069b6231d3034 Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2019-12-19af-binder: Fix issue when no port definedJosé Bollo1-1/+1
Since introduction of interfaces, it is no more needed to define a port. But the binder was still complaining that no port were defined. Bug-AGL: SPEC-2968 Bug-AGL: SPEC-3014 Change-Id: Ia3d748615641db5f467c3313ff7b02c16608d0ac Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2019-12-19meta-agl-profile-graphical-qt5: add libqtappfwScott Murray1-0/+20
Add libqtappfw recipe to meta-agl-profile-graphical-qt5 to move it from meta-agl-demo, making it available for use in other images builds like the cluster demo. Bug-AGL: SPEC-3045 Change-Id: Ic8230975fdfe2d953b49325e86b3a7bd042e70a5 Signed-off-by: Scott Murray <>
2019-12-18Bump of configuration post RC3 of IcefishJan-Simon Möller1-2/+2
Change the distro configuration after rc3 is cut. The window for rc4 is open now. Change-Id: Id1a51cf18d5c7f1cb4a307c1b3e2b8df2ae02349 Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Möller <>
2019-12-17fix weston crash on h3+KF after first bootupVeeresh Kadasani2-205/+0
Bug-AGL: SPEC-2827 remove 0002-compositor-add-output-type-to-weston_output.patch this patch was ported from weston 2.0 transmitter fix which use to crash because of invalid member access. with weston 6.0 transmitter works fine without this patch so remove it to fix crash after first boot on h3+KF Change-Id: I607bec3bdfb5146af68d36d717d3305f5fd58998 Signed-off-by: Veeresh Kadasani <>
2019-12-17ivi-shell: Fix crash due no transmitter screenVeeresh Kadasani2-0/+265
Bug-AGL: SPEC-3056 Registered the events for the output_created, destroyed, resized events.So that the ivi_scrn can be destroyed, created dynamically during destroyed and created events. And the view properties are dynamically changed during resized/moved events. Change-Id: I136b66c9747412af1fa868cef8a061ef2ea624f7 Signed-off-by: Veeresh Kadasani <>
2019-12-17Add agl-virt-xen featureJérémy Fanguède2-0/+4
"agl-virt-xen" feature set the desired hypervisor to Xen with the AGL_XEN_WANTED flag, boards that support it will then compile all the needed Xen binaries and libraries. Depends on "agl-virt" feature (because of meta-virtualization). Bug-AGL: SPEC-2912 Change-Id: I4123f208bebfd5d768bb4391b21308d1db962366 Signed-off-by: Jérémy Fanguède <>
2019-12-17Add agl-virt featureJérémy Fanguède2-0/+6
New feature "agl-virt" adds meta-virtualization layer Bug-AGL: SPEC-2912 Change-Id: I4b708eb86694a657f05f3a43a3e813e241ec3d7b Signed-off-by: Jérémy Fanguède <>
2019-12-16af-main: Ensure home and workdir to platform's appJose Bollo1-1/+1
The widget requesting the permission to run at platform scope: urn:AGL:permission::partner:scope-platform should be able to record data and state. This change provides a default place to achieve it. Bug-AGL: SPEC-2998 Change-Id: I1278375591716d18ce1346acc0f63fb073e4556a Signed-off-by: Jose Bollo <>
2019-12-15Prepare Icefish rc3icefish_8.99.3icefish/ Moeller1-3/+3
Change the distro config. . Change-Id: Ide8f369190a073bf34c2d043732fa1cd2872d0fd Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Moeller <>
2019-12-13Change the URL to gerritJan-Simon Moeller1-1/+1
to stay inline with all other recipes, change this to use gerrit. . Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Moeller <> Change-Id: If68c42c2dcda0b8c19fc6ed9d634789ae06448c7
2019-12-12Post RC2 bump of distro configJan-Simon Moeller1-2/+2
Change-Id: Ic5521e64bf51446c5f50601636761fd775b84f21 Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Moeller <>
2019-12-12agl-service-signal-composer: switch to AGL_APP_REVISIONScott Murray1-3/+2
Switch agl-service-signal-composer's SRCREV to AGL_APP_REVISION so it will automatically pick up changes. This matches the configuration of all the other service bindings. Also change the SRC_URI from gitsm to just git, since submodules are no longer used. Bug-AGL: SPEC-3024 Change-Id: Ida819d937f9090134c885cd5e816342dad7b9c0b Signed-off-by: Scott Murray <>
2019-12-11json-c: add --enable-threading to EXTRA_OECONFMatt Ranostay1-0/+1
Enable partial threading support to enable compiler atomic operations which in turn avoids refcount corruption issue that was causing aborts with moderate prolonged traffic. Bug-AGL: SPEC-3044 Change-Id: I0b9ab8c27f2c436910dbabf03be5bedaf1a28136 Signed-off-by: Matt Ranostay <>
2019-12-06Cut 8.99.2 II rc2 releaseicefish_8.99.2icefish/ Moeller1-3/+3
. Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Moeller <> Change-Id: I1b680e5e494b225792970e06559c850b370f6295
2019-12-06meta-agl-profile-graphical-html5: remove layer and AGL featureJacobo Aragunde Pérez11-233/+0
Remove old layer, based on OpenIVI and using deprecated QtWebKit, to free up the name to be used by the Chromium-based web runtime. Bug-AGL: SPEC-2322 Change-Id: I41730d629be846c2b0a624f5ab881ada31a8e0dc Signed-off-by: Jacobo Aragunde Pérez <>
2019-12-06af-main & af-binder: Partial shift to token logicJose Bollo2-2/+2
This commit includes changes related to integration of token security logic and use of nss-localuser. Changes from af-main are: * 581f99c wgtpkg-install: Add default permissions * 50ab763 Remove tokens * 6008a3e Enforce numeric application IDs * 653562e Introduce localuser interface for applications Changes from af-binder are: * 5026e71 docs( typo * 2243df1 afb-api-dbus: Fix broken broadcast in dbus apis * ff5446e afb-proto-ws: Fix crash on event to disconnected * 1b240e6 afb-hreq: Handle HTTP header Authorization * 29ae81f Introduce object for tokens * 6f59158 coverage: Fix regression * 9a623c3 monitoring: Fix display on connection error * e6908a2 afb-hreq: Handle access_token query parameter * 0d3dc97 Remove refreshing token * 7c67e96 Remove returning token * e08d57c Don't return the uuid * b4da3b7 Move tokens from sessions to requests * e80c1a7 Use afb_token in contexts * d735ff8 afb-session: Expose a local id for sessions * 5ac7bb0 afb-session: remove initial token * 0fd887b u16id: Add maps for identifiers id of 16 bits * eaf5670 afb-evt: Use 16 bits for ids * b55f3cd afb-stub-ws: Enforce asynchronous describe * 7386e1c afb-proto-ws: Change the protocol WSAPI * 74a7ebb afb-error-text: Introduce standard error text * af003cd afb-auth: Increase and improve use of afb-auth * 98b214e afb-hswitch: Update websocket policy * b70caad afb-context: Move credentials to context * d8aff62 afb-context & afb-token: rework token validation * 36094f9 afb-supervision: Improve messages * 354dfe5 afb-perm: separate access to permission db * 93483c5 AFB.js: Enforce single code * c79b6ba Relax constraint on aliases * 7a28ebb afb-socket: Add ability to set a default scheme * 82a9d79 main-afb-daemon: manage listening interfaces Bug-AGL: SPEC-2968 Change-Id: If4751144595c38a69608a962c92b54ae1a976ac8 Signed-off-by: Jose Bollo <>
2019-12-05Follow move of agl-image-ivi-crosssdk to meta-agl-demoJan-Simon Moeller2-2/+2
The latest changes require a follow-up. Bug-AGL: SPEC-2500 . Change-Id: Ibfbdb1c01be3a3548860313854ab45bd58748597 Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Moeller <>
2019-12-04Move packages from agl-core to agl-iviRonan Le Martret6-52/+19
Bug-AGL: SPEC-2500 v2: moved packagegroup-agl-core-navigation as packagegroup-agl-ivi-navigation to meta-agl-demo Change-Id: I9ce852c80cc7c9789c087517aeee6ce38947a270 Signed-off-by: Ronan Le Martret <> Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Möller <>
2019-12-03Add development headers for pipewire and wireplumber to SDKJan-Simon Möller1-1/+1
This is required to build the agl-service-audiomixer with the SDK. Change-Id: Ie717633f92a85d14d311cf282f9d920bc95ca9f6 Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Möller <>
2019-12-03nss-localuser: Add application to localuser familyJosé Bollo1-1/+1
This allows to use separate hostnames for separate applications and separate users. Bug-AGL: SPEC-2968 Change-Id: Iac139e3cda57c67796bbdacceceb39fe57c46591 Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2019-12-03security-manager: Improve integrationJosé Bollo23-463/+285
This fixes some issues encountered by the current integration of the security-manager: - its recipes is spread in too much directories (see SPEC-2092) - its initialization should be checked (see SPEC-2091) - the location of the database has to be changed (see SPEC-1717 that provided a workaround) All in one, I decided to create that ticket that summarize the work that can be quickly achieved to answer all this issues that are tightly coupled. Bug-AGL: SPEC-2972 Bug-AGL: SPEC-2092 Bug-AGL: SPEC-2091 Bug-AGL: SPEC-1717 Change-Id: I7af941c25cfa1624d76c2e8f512f6535918912f0 Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2019-12-03Extend intel-corei7-64 machine to support virtual targetsPaul Barker5-2/+21
These changes allow images built for the intel-corei7-64 machine to be booted under qemu (by using the normal `runqemu` command) and vmware or virtualbox after a build. Functionality on real hardware should not be compromised. Bug-AGL: SPEC-2931 Change-Id: If25782bf59e145cab32a4c9a0e39b599106ce7cc Signed-off-by: Paul Barker <>
2019-12-01afb-test: add missing jq package to RDEPENDSMatt Ranostay1-1/+1
Bug-AGL: SPEC-3005 Change-Id: I4d28c2bb7b97ddf8aedbfedf1519362c27327b10 Signed-off-by: Matt Ranostay <>
2019-11-28can-low-level: bump version to get latest changesRomain Forlot1-1/+1
Be in sync with the low-can-generator. Update the version of the binding wih the following changes: 42163fc Add steering wheel LIN message signal definitions 069aa21 refactor( required api with required binding 9402835 Update documentation ccf35c0 Remove file socketcan-j1939 that was not removed before f83aef5 Remove in function convert_from_addr, the variable flags was not used 4c8485a Remove in function rx_filter_can, the variable val was not used 491c4d4 Add new decoders bytes for signal of long size 96232f8 Change signature of decoders 6d6b880 Add some typedef to reduce the size of the lines d489919 Change vector to list to allow to remove signal. b9b4580 Update bit position and bit size in signal b8e8186 Add feature ISO TP (multi frames and peer to peer) 7f038fe Replace all enum types with masks 6208328 Update function tx_send for multi frame prevision 7656fad Only defined signals can be written 59bffa4 Update function rx_filter_can for multi frame prevision. 5d0fe05 Change function get_bcm_msg to return a reference. fa8c188 Move attributes flags and maxdlen f516a12 Add function remove last bcm frame ff6e251 Add many frames in a subscription in the function tx_send. f5997f7 Add function to convert vector to canfd or can frame. 4216b5e Add function get_data_vector with index 4693c2e Update function to encode and decode message 9230028 Update j1939 decode with function to_hex 3d8c045 Add file converter to manage all conversions 4bc8984 Uniform indentation with tabulation 08a4337 Fix: only one subscription could be made Bug-AGL: SPEC-2976 Change-Id: I4f813b634421c781dbe34190417febc69336c649 Signed-off-by: Romain Forlot <>
2019-11-27Bump distro config after release of RC1Jan-Simon Möller1-2/+2
Window open for RC2. Change-Id: If247ce798874c5daa06f930e649e923ecce6e871 Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Möller <>
2019-11-27Enable pi 4 boot log on console output temporarilyLi Xiaoming1-0/+2
Although the rpi-config_git.bbappend enable ENABLE_UART_raspberrypi4 = "1", it seems make no effect. This patch is temporary solution, which can do some help to debug pi 4 boot issue. Bug-AGL: SPEC-2995 Change-Id: I0b634c4d8df576884b939ea259d4f8b7ca5330d7 Signed-off-by: Li Xiaoming <>
2019-11-26agl-compositor: Add DISTRO_FEATURE to enable compositorDaniel Stone3-1/+15
When the 'agl-compositor' distro feature is enabled, the AGL compositor will be enabled and start at boot instead of Weston. Change-Id: Idcd0c401c3d2c332637ddde1cd83d1fe85c4ae2a Signed-off-by: Daniel Stone <>
2019-11-26graphics: Add agl-compositor recipeDaniel Stone2-0/+22
Add a recipe for the new AGL compositor and enable it when building the Weston package group. Change-Id: I3fe88370a4fc6a01b8ba8c3126a407cd9c39a842 Signed-off-by: Daniel Stone <>
2019-11-26weston: Add patch to export more config-parser APIDaniel Stone2-0/+37
Used by the AGL compositor to implement configuration parsing. Change-Id: I30b207f23bbc252dfee30ddf90d84e02779b0395 Upstream: Signed-off-by: Daniel Stone <>