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2019-06-23Move the agl-service-radio to the graphical profileJan-Simon Möller1-5/+0
The agl-service-radio relies on gstreamer. Unfortunately the gstreamer recipe is currently setup to also pull-in wayland (due to a compile-flag if wayland is in DISTRO_FEATURES). To keep the distro aligned, we don't want to change the DISTRO_FEATURES between the profiles, thus we move the agl-service radio to the graphical profile where we include weston anyway by default. For now this means there is no radio service (or mediaplayer service) w/o wayland installed as well. In case we get this requirement, we'll have to work on the gstreamer recipe and its split. v2: fix bbapend in meta-agl-bsp/meta-rcar-gen3 v3: put packagegroup-agl-graphical-multimedia.bbappend in graphical profile (not the best place IMHO) This fixes the non-graphical build. Bug-AGL: SPEC-2500 Change-Id: I5ebec7d7713510f3fcd50ae425d7f8cbb6328016 Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Möller <>
2019-06-20meta-rcar-gen3/ always clean workdirStephane Desneux1-0/+6
The script setups a temp dir to extract proprietary drivers for Renesas BSP, but it's not re-entrant: the temp dir is not cleaned after execution. With the introduction of the change 9bc6c25 (hotfix for GFX issues), more cleanup is needed to avoid duplicate zips detection in the copy script located in meta-rcar-gen3/docs/sample/copyscript/ This change makes some initial cleanup in the workdir (in case of transition from a previous script without this patch) and also removes the workdir at the end Bug-AGL: SPEC-2253, SPEC-2480 Change-Id: Ia95f9045d8a695d550a061710a17676088a92c0a Signed-off-by: Stephane Desneux <>
2019-06-10Changes to support the repo clone reworkJan-Simon Möller1-3/+3
To be merged together with: v2: fix the aglsetup script v3: fix scripts to extract m3ulcb v4: use single folder for BSPs Bug-AGL: SPEC-2450 Change-Id: I3227896c68ec1413f55cf67ad8f15a7adfe87a52 Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Möller <> Use GFX 3.19 binaries instead of 3.15Pierre MARZIN1-0/+48
Renesas BSP 3.19 is not actually available. But the graphics binaries are. So this patch get the 3.19 GFX binaries to patch the 3.15 GFX binaries ones. To achieve that, the following zip is needed: "" (Note: the name of the zip can change). By this way, BSP 3.15 of Renesas will be used with the 3.19 GFX binaries. This solves the graphic issue of the M3ULCB and H3ULCB boards. This hotfix has been tested on m3ulcb with success. Warning: This patch has to be revert when the BSP of Renesas will be updated to 3.19 (at least). Bug-AGL: SPEC-2253 Change-Id: Ieaab76fb08618f9994c3ff5969d9a361d08b65d2 Signed-off-by: Pierre MARZIN <>
2019-04-05[RCAR] update required drivers to *-weston5-20190212Stephane Desneux1-2/+2
These are required for BSP 3.15.0 on thud (with Wayland 1.16/Weston 5.0) Bug-AGL: SPEC-1837 Change-Id: I11321915a1be9b858e0b9fef35820c211e0074b4 Signed-off-by: Stephane Desneux <>
2019-03-25[RCAR] Fixed missing definition about virtual/eglHarunobu Kurokawa1-1/+1
Sometimes, libepoxy has an error during do_configure. PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/egl definition in agl_m3ulcb was changed to virtual-gles-user-module from libegl. To fix this missing dependency, add virtual/egl definition in virtual-gles-user-module. ------ checking for egl... no configure: error: Package requirements (egl) were not met: No package 'egl' found ------ Change-Id: Ia6915af2a8babbbd3353513cc2c115387f6e178c Signed-off-by: Harunobu Kurokawa <>
2019-03-12[RCAR] Fix patch on kernel dtsRonan Le Martret1-8/+12
* For RCAR BSP v3.15.0, we need to fix this patch Bug-AGL: SPEC-2185 Change-Id: Iadf40e6bfe964c3881d411cbdaab956ce524bc76 Signed-off-by: Ronan Le Martret <>
2019-03-12[RCAR] Remove upstream patchRonan Le Martret2-146/+0
This patch is now upstream (RCAR BSP 3.15.0), so it useless to keep it in AGL. Bug-AGL: SPEC-2185 Change-Id: I10f1c99d4854c364960f310e4e12b385f6c55465 Signed-off-by: Ronan Le Martret <>
2019-03-12[RCAR] Remove old recipes backportRonan Le Martret2-57/+0
linuxptp is now on version 1.8 and compatible the current RCAR BSP (v3.15.0) Bug-AGL: SPEC-2185 Change-Id: I10fa4e2339880ef786d0fef07ebf2864f1659187 Signed-off-by: Ronan Le Martret <>
2019-03-12[RCAR] Remove old back portRonan Le Martret1-87/+0
Current version of imagemagick is 7.0.7 and do not need backport. Bug-AGL: SPEC-2185 Bug-AGL: SPEC-1687 Change-Id: Ie204c48e5907b4bb40418f9a0b10b0b1b35d5c77 Signed-off-by: Ronan Le Martret <>
2019-03-12[RCAR] Remove old backportRonan Le Martret3-60/+0
python-wand is now useless Bug-AGL: SPEC-2185 Bug-AGL: SPEC-1687 Change-Id: I97d0871185017e88fcac31dcef70c1d28fe636c1 Signed-off-by: Ronan Le Martret <>
2019-03-12[RCAR] Update RCAR BSP v3.15.0 driverRonan Le Martret1-2/+2
Bug-AGL: SPEC-2185 Change-Id: I30f0ae0b760b540d41af7a0e7afafc9984d34b20 Signed-off-by: Ronan Le Martret <>
2019-03-12[RCAR] Update u-boot for RCAR BSP v3.15.0Ronan Le Martret2-102/+0
- u-boot in RCAR BSP v1.15.0 has been updated to v2018.09 so we can remove some old fix. Bug-AGL: SPEC-2185 Change-Id: I1d40f0341edfdd0cedc5b1d58911bdc30677eeea Signed-off-by: Ronan Le Martret <>
2018-12-18linux-renesas: Add smack patches to R-CarJosé Bollo1-0/+3
The patch for CGROUP2 is important for running without capabilities. Bug-AGL: SPEC-2006 Bug-AGL: SPEC-1016 Change-Id: I0dfec85bdc66b220e20776501522e71579e6a742 Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2018-11-30Enable agl-sota for h3ulcbAnton Gerasimov4-5/+30
Change-Id: I3c2d0df6e3afd4aa0671261f7d143ac15d88a836 Signed-off-by: Anton Gerasimov <>
2018-10-12[RCAR] ADSP enable and add sound hardware abstraction in DTRonan Le Martret2-0/+126
The ADSP on Renesas SoCs required a reserved memory area to become enabled, and this needs to be done manually. This patch adds sound hardware abstraction information for the m3ulcb and m3ulcb-kf (kingfisher) device trees. This is helpful on-board the ADSP for dynamically determining sound hardware at runtime, allowing single binaries to be used between the two boards. Future work will incorporate the h3ulcb and Salvator boards into the abstraction. Bug-AGL: SPEC-1227 Bug-AGL: SPEC-1424 Bug-AGL: SPEC-1571 Change-Id: I78edc5854a95520276bdcd9fd9766a120d2c04d7 Signed-off-by: Ronan Le Martret <> Signed-off-by: Mark Farrugia <> Signed-off-by: Ronan Le Martret <>
2018-10-12[RCAR] Enable Linux-based hypervisor execution in AGLRonan Le Martret2-0/+33
The upstream version of AGL boots Linux in EL1. This mode is not privileged enough to put in place the correct configuration of an hypervisor (e.g., KVM). This patch leverages the ATF rcar platform configuration variables to boot the Linux kernel in EL2, instead of EL1, allowing Linux-based hypervisors such as KVM to configure all the necessary stubs to properly run virtual machines. This patch has been successfully tested with ATF, KVM and AGL rootfs on the Renesas R-Car M3. Changelog: - Added arm-trusted-firmware patch, which makes this work easy to be tested by the community - This patch version does not contain Linux kernel modifications. In fact, these resulted not necessary with the proposed ATF patch and a recent kernel (higher than 4.6) Bug-AGL: SPEC-497 Bug-AGL: SPEC-1571 Signed-off-by: Michele Paolino <> Signed-off-by: Ronan Le Martret <> Change-Id: I8d20e36a09be1dba35b10193643ea00e4f388e95 Signed-off-by: Ronan Le Martret <>
2018-10-12[RCAR] Update RCAR BSP to 3.9Ronan Le Martret1-2/+2
Bug-AGL: SPEC-1571 Change-Id: Ieefd423b79faa220531a887ff167227044ab6064 Signed-off-by: Ronan Le Martret <>
2018-08-23[Work-around] Update recipe for ImageMagick to avoid bitbake errorTadao Tanikawa1-7/+4
At, tarball archives of old patchsets are deleted when a new patchset is created. This causes error when do_fetch(). Offical source repository is in github, so SRC_URI can be set to pull from there. Unfortunately, github repository has tags only after 6.9.5-4. Therefore, updated to the latest stable, 6.9.10-10. For meta-agl/meta-agl-demo, ImageMagick is not mandatory component, but optee inside Renesas BSP requires it (and python-wand). Upstream optee already remove these dependency, so this is just work-around until meta-renesas-rcar-gen3 will be updated. Change-Id: I1767e2d7588a35d75009843312c484d3d63553ae Signed-off-by: Tadao Tanikawa <>
2018-08-15Revert "[rcar-gen3] Disable ipv6"Ronan Le Martret2-7/+2
Bug-AGL: SPEC-490 This reverts commit d88997d1d16897abb83a161c215cbec25d9b5e0f. Change-Id: I7c7a989fb1bf1df1de3c0557792ea4b013fec709 Signed-off-by: Ronan Le Martret <>
2018-08-14[RCAR] Update URL of R-Car's Evaluation SoftwareRonan Le Martret1-11/+11
New Link: * Change-Id: I4451bbb8ff151c0ab5af0163e667a170e2a078cb Signed-off-by: Ronan Le Martret <>
2018-08-03meta-rcar-gen3: weston-ini-conf: drop v4l2 featureHarunobu Kurokawa2-4/+0
Though R-Car has V4l2 renderer but it is special case. Then it makes no sence to add v4l2 configration into weston.ini file for AGL. Change-Id: Id91be4ce9bcca03126d01e50c587e8d945464f61 Signed-off-by: Harunobu Kurokawa <>
2018-08-01meta-agl-bsp/meta-rcar-gen3: modify audio card name on rcar deviceHarunobu Kurokawa1-1/+1
latest sound card name in R-Car Starter Kit is changed "ak4613" from rsnddai0ak4613h, that is described in device tree. Therefore, asound.state file should be updated. Change-Id: I35dc0521da3061eedfa17ba2e28e68ab36353087 Signed-off-by: Harunobu Kurokawa <>
2018-07-23linux-renesas: kernel: backport pn533_usb fix from upstreamMatt Ranostay2-0/+146
Backport pn533_usb incorect stack use from linux-next kernel NOTE: this kernel is tracking LTS so at some point it will need to be reverted Bug-AGL: SPEC-1544 Change-Id: I90fd3e0339dfdb148eb01b6ef836353bc2ac6a43 Signed-off-by: Matt Ranostay <>
2018-06-11[RCARGEN3] Update Renesas Rcar Gen3 BSP to 3.7Ronan Le Martret1-2/+2
Tested with agl-demo-platform image on: * M3+KF * H3+KF Test results: | Component | Status | |---------------------------------------------------------|------------| | Wifi (U52) | ok | | BT HCI (U52) | ok | | BT Audio(U52) | not tested | | USB2.0(host)(CN13) | not tested | | USB2.0(func)(CN13) | not tested | | USB2.0(on-the-go)(CN13) | not tested | | USB3.0(CN2) | fail | | Multichan Audio(SSI3,4) hphone(CN 32,33) lineout(CN12) | not tested | | CSI : Expansion Board (CN10) | not tested | | CSI : Expansion Board (CN11) | not tested | | CSI : Raspberry Pi camera(CN48) | not tested | | Video Input CMOS camera(CN29) | not tested | | HDMI out(CN49) | ok | | LVDS out(CN7) | not tested | | Radio (CN42, 43) | ok | | Gyro, Accel | ok | | GPS (CN16) | ok | | Serial (CN4) | not tested | | CAN(CN17, 18) | ok | | SD (CN47) | fail | | Mini PCIe(CN15) | not tested | | M.2 key M (CN5) | not tested | | MOST (CN22) | not tested | Change-Id: I0779cd6440bf1e8fc958f127aee3c3979da603bb Signed-off-by: Ronan Le Martret <>
2018-05-313rd part of the layer/profile rework [1/2]Jan-Simon Möller1-7/+1
This is the last larger commit in this series and deals with the graphical part. We introduce the graphical profiles: - meta-agl-profile-graphical -- meta-agl-profile-graphical-html5 -- meta-agl-profile-graphical-qt5 Notable changes: - weston-ini-conf moved to the meta-agl-bsp layer. Most BSPs have bbappends, so we need to have the recipes present (but unused) even in the console images. - new image: agl-image-boot = terminal-only + network + package-manaager. Ready for using package-feeds - new image/sdk: agl-image-minimal-crosssdk - agl-service-mediaplayer has a dependency on weston, thus it cannot be in the 'core'. Moved it to profile-graphical. - The wayland-ivi-extension moved to the agl-demo-platform. - The app-framework layer included and pulled 'web-runtime' as dependency. This broke console-only images. This has been moved to be in meta-agl-demo only for now. - added and massaged the agl-features. - found and added a useful script 'oe-depends-dot' that helps to work with the dot files (produced with bitbake -g) Todo: - we'll need another pass through the packagegroups. The dependencies for the layers/profiles are now sorted-out but we might have to add/shuffle a few packages. For further details, see meta-agl/docs/ v2: fix meta-agl/meta-security/conf/layer.conf - the immediate expansion previously used in there caused some recipes not being added to BBFILES. v3: fix packagegroup renaming (packagegroup-agl-devel -> packagegroup-agl-core-devel) v4: fix missing packagegroup inclusion (tnx Jose, Scott, Stephane) v5: fix missing packagegroup inclusion v6: explicitely put profile-graphical-qt5 on-top of profile-graphical v7: re-add 'procps' when agl-devel feature is on Bug-AGL: SPEC-145 Change-Id: I24cdcd1118932758d0c55d333338238f2a770877 Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Möller <>
2018-04-12[RCAR] Update Rcar gen3 BSP to 3.6Ronan Le Martret1-2/+2
Bug-AGL: SPEC-1359 Change-Id: Id3b2327f93f325bca81bb464c31c13b59eda366f Signed-off-by: Ronan Le Martret <>
2018-02-16linux-renesas: stop inheriting from 4.9Martin Kelly1-1/+0
With rocko, we're on 4.14, so we should stop inheriting from, which is applying a Smack patch that has already been merged into 4.14. Change-Id: I15e1dd270d111d44b089f9587fcdccf9abec2210 Signed-off-by: Martin Kelly <>
2018-02-15linux-renesas: remove bbappendMartin Kelly1-2/+0
This bbappend attempts to remove a patch that doesn't exist, so on rocko, it is now breaking the build. Remove it. Change-Id: Ieddbe8c73c5efa2568ea09a83be73e151618be8e Signed-off-by: Martin Kelly <>
2018-02-13Remove unsed gstreamer backportronan59-3308/+0
Change-Id: I42cf2872946ad46852136dfc9170718434b4b5ba Signed-off-by: ronan <>
2018-02-13Revert "Fix kernel gcc7 issue"ronan2-133/+0
This reverts commit 9b7584fd0ca807998643028a264b25c8dbbbed18. Change-Id: I41337a1ee9425cfcfe19cf1406b3b4391f4af3be
2018-02-13remove backport commitronan1-0/+3
Change-Id: I63e974a075752a9d2f7cba3a1880321c7c4c6b17 Signed-off-by: ronan <>
2018-02-13Revert "Fix CVE-2017-1000364 by backporting the patches for gen3"ronan4-1043/+0
This reverts commit 9b9894c5497f9604282f5abc25de7dd48b99e7b8. Change-Id: Iab95fb8feb2f50397d6a285bddffaafd37a62984
2018-02-13Remove fix for optee-osronan6-2141/+0
Change-Id: I5107a29d97909bbca5a135ef8faa52332dff84ae Signed-off-by: ronan <>
2018-02-13Remove gcc 6 fixronan2-30/+0
Change-Id: I7418c88311b89ad96e29709429d9558519e3c7cc Signed-off-by: ronan <>
2018-02-13Update rcar gen3 kernel bbappend versionronan1-0/+0
Change-Id: I0ad8b780183feead322bd4dd5cceb25d4b2bad2d Signed-off-by: ronan <>
2018-02-13Update rcar gen3 driverronan1-2/+2
Change-Id: I71ba7ac53db51f73209424a45e7c94cd1cc7c46e Signed-off-by: ronan <>
2018-02-13Fix kernel gcc7 issueRonan Le Martret2-0/+128
Change-Id: Iad0345ed3b70c555970d4d00e6008376b70903fa Signed-off-by: Ronan Le Martret <>
2018-02-13Fix gcc7 issueRonan Le Martret1-1/+1
Change-Id: Id36993962b2b25624a581ec92743ea7633f99e98 Signed-off-by: Ronan Le Martret <>
2018-02-13Add gcc7 support for rcar gen3Ronan Le Martret2-7/+7
Change-Id: Ib398ff5e880cb26a4ba5ee9895e236a97e0a4e17 Signed-off-by: Ronan Le Martret <>
2018-02-08Merge " handle weird terminals"Jan-Simon Moeller1-3/+7
2018-02-06meta-agl-bsp/meta-rcar-gen3: Improve AUTOLOAD for kernel module.Harunobu Kurokawa3-3/+6
These kernel modules are used in the video driver. In addition, the H.264 transfer from the IVI System to the Cluster in AGL demo also use the encoder plugin. For this the driver needs to be loaded before weston. Bug-AGL: SPEC-1038 Change-Id: If403b7dfa5d3402070f2596ae36a3c013495aa97 Signed-off-by: Harunobu Kurokawa <> handle weird terminalsMartin Kelly1-3/+7
Currently, fails on terminals that won't display colors (such as my Jenkins CI setup). Tweak the code to handle this case and display an error message instead of failing. Change-Id: If18e16ed385af567801a56871542b4eb86f4588d Signed-off-by: Martin Kelly <> retab consistentlyMartin Kelly1-25/+25 has a mix of 8 and 4 spaces per tab, so retab it consistently to 4 spaces. Change-Id: Icdabaf8a3bc4377660ea6b5de95785a9f01bc901 Signed-off-by: Martin Kelly <> remove BSP version mentionMartin Kelly1-2/+2
This version gets out-of-date very quickly, and mentioning it doesn't change the URL or anything else, so let's just remove the mention of it. Change-Id: I143d81ff4d4c47814e7bddf1572c3b2c92b1291e Signed-off-by: Martin Kelly <>
2017-12-22weston-ini-conf: Disable kingfisher's 2nd and 3rd outputHarunobu Kurokawa2-0/+9
Kingfisher has tree display output, currently AGL use only one output from micro HDMI. Change-Id: Ife61da4bfd2127a49c50247c26d8a7693960d439 Signed-off-by: Harunobu Kurokawa <>
2017-11-30meta-agl-bsp/meta-rcar-gen3: Add default asound.state fileTom Rini2-0/+322
The m3/h3 platforms have certain mixer settings that must be enabled and levels set before anything will be heard. Provide a default that sets this to a comfortable default along with other volumes. Bug-AGL: SPEC-792 Change-Id: I1b983b75fd580ae39495a47058bb568b7f75a479 Signed-off-by: Tom Rini <> Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Stéphane Desneux <> Reviewed-by: Jan-Simon Moeller <> Tested-by: Jan-Simon Moeller <>
2017-11-22Rework Linux Kernel fragment applicationsTom Rini7-110/+4
- All kernel recipes must inherit - All kernel recipes for a given version (e.g. 4.9) should include in order to avoid duplication (such as the SMACK label patch or security fixes) - We enforce having be invoked at the end, in order to make sure fragments will be applied. - Add a new fragment for Raspberry Pi to ensure the Pi Touchscreen is still enabled. With all of the above, we fix a number of minor issues as well, such as platforms manually enabling NBD/RAMDISK for netboot as the previous logic was not working in all cases. Bug-AGL: SPEC-946 Change-Id: Ic688e899df5861d83712af12d8e1c6c3c9643300 Signed-off-by: Tom Rini <> Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Job builder account <> Reviewed-by: José Bollo <> Reviewed-by: Jan-Simon Moeller <>
2017-10-29python-wand: Add patch to ensure our built ImageMagick is usedTom Rini2-1/+38
It can be slightly tricky to build a copy of python-wand that will also function. A problem is that without additional logic (MAGICK_HOME), the python code will not look outside of system paths for a copy of the imagemagick library. However, even with this path added to the search list, the code will still try a 'naked' load of the library it wants. This can result in a visible failure if you have a new enough imagemagic-6 installed (such as 6.9.7) as the date string checking logic will fail. Work around these problems by setting MAGICK_HOME globally to the correct location and patch the api code to look for the form of imagemagick that we build first, rather than last, so that we are going to first search for what we know we built. Bug-AGL: SPEC-984 Backport: Change-Id: I9f0e3e64ab4601845e4f336aa81ce7c3d01ff7b7 Signed-off-by: Tom Rini <> Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Job builder account <> ci-image-build: Jenkins Job builder account <> ci-image-boot-test: Jenkins Job builder account <> Reviewed-by: Jan-Simon Moeller <>
2017-10-29meta-agl-bsp/meta-rcar-gen3: Import imagemagick_6.9.2.bbTom Rini1-0/+90
In order for python-wand to function, it must have ImageMagick 6.9.2 available. Import this recipe from meta-linaro. Bug-AGL: SPEC-984 Backport: Change-Id: I6ddda052213d41ce3de115a4a3e5cf65afeaf5ee Signed-off-by: Tom Rini <> Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Job builder account <> ci-image-build: Jenkins Job builder account <> ci-image-boot-test: Jenkins Job builder account <> Reviewed-by: Jan-Simon Moeller <>