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2020-12-17SPEC-3723: restructure meta-aglJan-Simon Moeller1-0/+7
Goal is to reach a minimal meta-agl-core as base for IVI and IC work at the same time. Trim dependencies and move most 'demo' related recipes to meta-agl-demo. v2: changed to bbapend + .inc , added description v3: testbuild of all images v4: restore -test packagegroup and -qa images, compare manifests and adapt packagegroups. v5: rebased v6: merged meta-agl-distro into meta-agl-core, due to dependency on meta-oe, moved -test packagegroup and -qa images to own layer meta-agl-core-test v7: Fixed comments from Paul Barker v8: Update the markdown files v9: restore wayland/weston/agl-compositor recipes/appends, reworked to move app f/w specific changes to bbappends in meta-app-framework and only demo specific weston-init changes to meta-agl-demo v10: fix s/agldemo/aglcore/ missed in weston-init.bbappend Description: This patch is part 1 out of 2 large patches that implement the layer rework discussed during the previous workshop. Essentially meta-agl-core is the small but versatile new core layer of AGL serving as basis for the work done by the IC and IVI EGs. All demo related work is moved to meta-agl-demo in the 2nd patchset. This should be applied together as atomic change. The resulting meta-agl/* follows these guidelines: - only bsp adaptations in meta-agl-bsp - remove the agl-profile-* layers for simplicity -- the packagegroup-agl(-profile)-graphical and so on have been kept in meta-agl-demo - meta-agl-profile-core is now meta-agl-core - meta-agl-core does pass yocto-check-layer -- therefore use the bbappend + conditional + .inc file construct found in meta-virtualization - meta-agl/meta-security has been merged into meta-agl/meta-app-framework - meta-netboot does pass yocto-check-layer - meta-pipewire does pass yocto-check-layer Migration: All packagegroups are preserved but they're now enabled by 'agl-demo'. Bug-AGL: SPEC-3723 Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Moeller <> Signed-off-by: Scott Murray <> Change-Id: Ia6c6e5e6ce2b4ffa69ea94959cdc57c310ba7c53 Reviewed-on: