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2020-06-24af-main: update SRCREVScott Murray1-1/+1
Update app-framework-main SRCREV in af-main recipe, picking up changes: ac6f7ed Add weston dependency for units with display permission Bug-AGL: SPEC-3411 Signed-off-by: Scott Murray <> Change-Id: Iecb3cec7674e5c0a634925067cf66a27581536a3 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Jan-Simon Moeller <> Tested-by: Jan-Simon Moeller <>
2020-06-10meta-app-framework: aglwgt.bbclass fixesScott Murray1-16/+16
Changes include: - AGLWGT_EXTRA_BUILD_ARGS definition reworked to pass PARALLEL_MAKE in as BUILD_ARGS, as that gets it down to where it needs to go to be useful in most of the autobuild scripts/makefiles. - The logic has been tweaked in do_aglwgt_package to only try to build the coverage version of widgets for things that have test widgets. This avoids build and packaging complications with applications, and seems reasonable ATM given there are no plans to attempt coverage for non-bindings. - A widget not being present after calling "autobuild package" has been bumped to bbfatal instead of bbwarn for the release widget to immediately flag errors. - "-maxdepth 1" has been added to the find commands used to check for widget presence to avoid picking up stray .wgt files outside of the immediate target build directory. Bug-AGL: SPEC-3300 Signed-off-by: Scott Murray <> Change-Id: I9d814894684b525f774f730c8e94e1c46cda16ce Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Job builder account <> ci-image-build: Jenkins Job builder account <> ci-image-boot-test: Jenkins Job builder account <>
2020-05-30meta-app-framework: update af-main SRCREVScott Murray1-1/+1
Update app-framework-main SRCREV in af-main recipe to pick up: f8cee78 Fix uninstall of widgets without icons f8f2338 Improve use of systemd's states Bug-AGL: SPEC-3323, SPEC-3401 Signed-off-by: Scott Murray <> Change-Id: I35f6fcb8677bd3d5d49e588d03f5868249532baa Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Job builder account <> ci-image-build: Jenkins Job builder account <> ci-image-boot-test: Jenkins Job builder account <> Reviewed-by: Jan-Simon Moeller <>
2020-05-22Fix nss-localuser postinst scriptlet to run only on the targetJan-Simon Möller1-1/+1
Otherwise we fail on do_rootfs now. Bug-AGL: SPEC-3385 Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Möller <> Change-Id: I47be059b77a79e7f6414ea233f591b4957db4818 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Job builder account <> ci-image-build: Jenkins Job builder account <> ci-image-boot-test: Jenkins Job builder account <> Reviewed-by: Scott Murray <>
2020-05-18Rework test/debug image features and crosssdk image definitionsScott Murray1-4/+5
Changes include: - The agl-test-wgt/agl-devel-wgt image features and the scheme of appending to their FEATURE_PACKAGES definitions turned out to be problematic with respect to resulting in unexpected extra packages ending up in agl-image-{minimal,ivi}, etc., when building with agl-demo configured (which is typical usage). To avoid this, the FEATURE_PACKAGE definitions for the image features have been replaced with tweaks to define COMPLEMENTARY_GLOBS for the features to bring in the test/debug/coverage packages via that mechanism. - The above removes the need to define the extra test/devel packagegroups, and requires some minor tweaks to aglwgt.bbclass to use a -debug package for the debug widget instead of -dbg, to avoid collisions with the dbg-pkgs image feature. As well, the afb-test package has been added as to RDEPENDS of all test widget packages, since that seems sensible and avoids needing to explicitly adding it elsewhere. - Attempt to rework the various crosssdk image definitions to use a layered set of .inc files to remove duplication and ensure that additions to the SDK are declared once in the appropriate profile. It is likely that a clean sheet implementation would have some things coming from meta-agl-profile-graphical, so further rework may be required/desired to continue cleaning things up. Bug-AGL: SPEC-3300, SPEC-3375 Signed-off-by: Scott Murray <> Change-Id: I942b61501beb41d037001b70a501f90b9a59c45d
2020-05-13qtwayland_%.bbappend: Migrate the qt shell integration to the properMarius Vlad1-3/+0
place The proper place to choose the qtshell integration is with qtwayland so migrate it there. While at it, upgrade to xdg-shell stable instead of using the unstable v6. Bug-AGL: SPEC-3133 Signed-off-by: Marius Vlad <> Change-Id: I67b92cd744c4e34c9a603b9535823d9562d4bdf8
2020-05-12Widget packaging reworkScott Murray1-79/+86
aglwgt.bbclass changes: - Made the autobuild/agl/autobuild script a hard requirement, as all upstream widgets have it, and this is the first step to actually using it in the class to drive building the widgets after a subsequent round of autobuild script updates. - Reworked wgt packaging to simplify the logic and split the test, debug, and coverage widgets into separate packages to allow installing them separately. - The on target install directories for the widgets have been changed to release, test, debug, and coverage under /usr/AGL/apps, with the previous logic with respect to the AGLWGT_AUTOINSTALL variable being retained for the few widgets that need to go into the manualinstall directory. An "autoinstall" symlink has been added to point at the release directory to maintain previous behavior. This should allow a simple path to configuring installation of the debug or coverage widgets on first boot with future changes. - Added logic to only assume test widgets exist for recipes with names starting with "agl-service-". This can be over-ridden by defining AGLWGT_HAVE_TESTS as "true" in a recipe. - Added AGLWGT_EXTRA_BUILD_ARGS variable for passing extra arguments to widget builds. Currently its default value includes the previous VERBOSE=true that was passed to every autobuild invocation, and "${PARALLEL_MAKE}" which has been added to improve build speed. - Added AGLWGT_PACKAGE_WARN variable to control extra warnings around the existence of test/debug/coverage widgets when packaging. Once further build rework is done, the default for this will likely be changed to "true", currently the output is too verbose to do so. - Removed over-rides to force building of test widget when building with the agl-ptest feature set, as it is now unnecessary and will result in an undesired extra copy of the test widget in the release folder. Other changes: - Created new devel and test packagegroup variants for several of the existing packagegroups to contain the associated widgets. - Added agl-devel-wgt and agl-test-wgt IMAGE_FEATURES to control the addition of dbg/coverage and test widgets to images. Additions to the FEATURE_PACKAGES variables have been added in several places to add the corresponding widget packagegroups. - Added the agl-devel-wgt image feature to the agl-devel feature template definition to match current behavior. Bug-AGL: SPEC-3300 Signed-off-by: Scott Murray <> Change-Id: I3a28615db94bbc04e30e98ac3dce8cae942a499f
2020-05-07af-main & af-binder: Fix infinite loop and C++José Bollo2-2/+2
af-main: Fix an infinite loop when starting applications * e7ac328 afm-urun: Fix infinite loop on start status af-binder: Fix a missing header when compiling C++ * 33ddfb5 Fix includes of C++ header Bug-AGL: SPEC-3323 Bug-AGL: SPEC-3358 Change-Id: I06a05427b33791a242038d278e452fd73806d2f5 Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2020-04-27meta-app-framework: set DISTRO_FEATURES_NATIVEScott Murray1-0/+1
Add smack and xattr features to DISTRO_FEATURES_NATIVE to make base-files-native build happy in dunfell. Bug-AGL: SPEC-3302 Signed-off-by: Scott Murray <> Change-Id: I9f65c575b4a98c78dcbe1561a00d5d0b43e757fe
2020-04-27Declare layer compatibility for dunfellScott Murray1-1/+1
For the upgrade to YP dunfell/3.1 we need to update the layer compatibility. Bug-AGL: SPEC-3302 Signed-off-by: Scott Murray <> Change-Id: Ieb1ac9ef1f48f077c9cd312c4ac295ae1cc062b0
2020-04-14meta-app-framework: update af-main SRCREVScott Murray1-1/+1
Update app-framework-main SRCREV in af-main recipe to pick up: 6c44e65 Merge "Update weston dependency in afm-system-setup.service" f86501b Update weston dependency in afm-system-setup.service Bug-AGL: SPEC-3309 Signed-off-by: Scott Murray <> Change-Id: I62317a543ceba7bced2f40e512bfdaca01202b5f
2020-04-10af-main: Sign widgets when agl-develJosé Bollo4-3/+18
This change introduce signature of widgets with sample keys and certificates of app-framework-main when the feature agl-devel is selected. It also shows how to sign widgets in yocto build environment, using WGTPKG_AUTOSIGN_X environment variables. v2: Use an own agl feature for the signing and not agl-devel This allows us to switch it on selectively. Bug-AGL: SPEC-2840 Change-Id: I8f66c25a2ae62ad2365c7cdb995049c00b7c780a Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2020-03-31Use top-level LICENSE files for each repoJan-Simon Moeller3-0/+333
We re-use the OpenEmbedded / Yocto Project style to declare the licenses more prominently in the top level folders. LICENSE is derived from poky's LICENSE file. Bug-AGL: SPEC-3295 Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Moeller <> Change-Id: I059b5b42beb0d422ad2e679e958588240b5d8989
2020-03-23aglwgtbbclass: Minor improvementsJosé Bollo1-35/+45
Improve readability by using 'if' and by indenting correctly. Bug-AGL: SPEC-2840 Change-Id: I55065e0e4c7bf82a4e093544f30ca6eacf33b882 Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2020-03-19af-main: remove widget versions and fixes for zeusJosé Bollo1-1/+1
This removes the distinction between versions of widgets. This change can fix issue in starting of applications due to systemd changes (SPEC-3178) Includes changes: * dee2725 Update .gitreview file * 7f53b81 Merge "system setup: Fix settings on /run/user" * a855d14 Remove distinction of widget's version * 4f88827 Fix homescreen start on yocto/Zeus Bug-AGL: SPEC-3178 Bug-AGL: SPEC-2538 Change-Id: Ibce8316dd9513ad2f5d6d4f1fbea3119d78d0417 Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2020-03-13af-binder: fix bug in reconnectionJose Bollo1-1/+1
When the client reconnected, it used the wrong type and reconnected as server leading to unexpected state with faults. Include: * 7901c6d afb-stub-ws: fix bug in reconnection Bug-AGL: SPEC-3272 Change-Id: I3ad0987be094527f2a3a980a3a99f397b704f3ee Signed-off-by: Jose Bollo <>
2020-03-11af-binder: bump and fixesJose Bollo1-1/+1
Includes: * 862fb68b Fix globset compilation warning * 4848ec20 Update .gitreview file * 2f38d2ea Improves compatibility with AddressSanitizers * 693249aa Fix bug in session and token removal * 26b09b0d Fix a tiny issue in the protocol * 9cab553d Fix bug in C++ wrapper Bug-AGL: SPEC-3040 Bug-AGL: SPEC-3134 Bug-AGL: SPEC-3162 Bug-AGL: SPEC-3220 Change-Id: I5f96ac20a824df3f6cb73be2e41ef79cd3f2be04 Signed-off-by: Jose Bollo <>
2020-02-21Merge remote-tracking branch 'agl/next'Jan-Simon Möller5-35/+6
* agl/next: meta-agl-bsp: Add CONFIG_LSM workaround for 5.1+ kernels meta-agl-profile-cluster-qt5: disable qtbase patches zeus updates for dragonboard-410c meta-security: activates dbus-cynagora recipes-graphics/wayland/weston: Expose weston_output_damage() meta-agl-profile-core: tweak udisks2 configuration for AGL meta-agl-bsp/meta-arago: update weston bbappend [RCAR] Update rcar driver weston 7 bsp 3.21.0 [RCAR] Update rcar driver weston 7 bsp 3.21.0 [RCAR] Split ADSP path for ulcb and ulcb-kf Fix nss-localuser post install meta-agl-bsp: meta-raspberrypi: handle zeus upgrade meta-agl-profile-core: add patch for systemd-udevd SECLABEL crash meta-security: disable dbus-cynara patches meta-agl-bsp: handle ptest-runner upgrade meta-agl-distro: Add inc file for next branch over-rides meta-agl-distro: BBMASK problematic upstream meta-security bbappend meta-agl-distro: prefer linux-yocto 4.19 LTS kernel meta-agl-profile-graphical-qt5: enable qt5location services meta-agl-profile-core: update most recipe meta-agl-profile-core: update neardal recipe Update base local.conf.sample meta-agl-profile-graphical: don't always build agl-compositor meta-agl-profile-graphical: update weston and weston-init meta-agl-profile-graphical: update wayland-ivi-extension for weston 7.0.0 meta-agl-distro: add polkit to DISTRO_FEATURES meta-agl-profile-core: update fontconfig bbappend meta-agl-profile-core: switch to udisks2 meta-security: handle systemd upgrade meta-agl-profile-graphical-qt5: handle qtwayland upgrade meta-agl-profile-core: handle freetype upgrade meta-agl-bsp meta-agl-profile-core: upgrade to opencv 4.x meta-agl-profile-core: update rtl-sdr recipe for zeus meta-security meta-app-framework: handle xmlsec1 upgrade meta-agl-profile-graphical: upgrade to gstreamer 1.16 meta-agl-profile-core: remove libmicrohttpd backport meta-agl-profile-core: remove backported curl and nghttp2 recipes meta-agl-profile-core: remove libnfc recipe meta-agl-profile-core: remove connman backport meta-agl-profile-graphical: remove weston 5.0.0 patches meta-agl-profile-core: remove old glibc patch meta-agl-bsp/meta-intel: remove linux-firmware_git.bbappend meta-agl-bsp: remove weston and wayland-protocols backports meta-app-framework: remove libzip recipe meta-security: remove keyutils recipe Declare layer compatibility with zeus Change-Id: Ie8ee1e37958279e7cf2d503c54ffacb46ba0c31c
2020-02-20aglwgt.bbclass: remove pushd/popd usageScott Murray1-8/+4
The recent addition of multiple widget types in aglwgt.bbclass added usage of pushd and popd, which are bash specific. This is undesirable, since it causes failures for anyone trying to build on default installs of Debian or Ubuntu. Since the B and S variables in OE recipes are known to be absolute paths by definition, the pushd/popd can simply be replaced with "cd". Bug-AGL: SPEC-2049 Change-Id: I7ec9c558545be9aedd0b7e40539127b7f8c665ed Signed-off-by: Scott Murray <>
2020-02-19Adapt aglwgt receipe to build multiple widgetFrederic Marec1-34/+75
Change package task and deploy task to allow creation of test, debug and coverage widget. Add debug and coverage directory to store new widgets Bug-AGL: SPEC-2049 Change-Id: Ic3c1250d43de023e2e08398a098746ecd71592c5 Signed-off-by: Frederic Marec <>
2020-02-14af-main: Fix setting of /run/userJosé Bollo1-1/+1
Includes: * ab26673 system setup: Fix settings on /run/user Bug-AGL: SPEC-3175 Change-Id: I41f7d3665ec161b7ae6bdbc19ad4ac3616b375c1 Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2020-01-30Fix nss-localuser post installRonan Le Martret1-0/+2
-post install script need to have ${sysconfdir}/nsswitch.conf available. This file is provides by base-files. Change-Id: I4767341c442ab8242afa9fb7ed75c2ad8c6a6cc0 Signed-off-by: Ronan Le Martret <>
2020-01-28af-main: Improve Smack setupJosé Bollo1-1/+1
Improve setup for solving access issues While developping the binding afb-test, the export of the binding afm-test, using "provided-binding" feature revealed to be broken because of security setup. Bug-AGL: SPEC-2795 Change-Id: I0af4a46aaa191cad167a332ebb2d14ebbfe04c6a Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2020-01-28af-main: Use xdg-shell-v6 for agl-compositorMarius Vlad1-1/+3
As we're using xdg-shell-v6 instead of ivi-shell for agl-compositor and applications, make the transition much easier (that is, having a fully bootable workable image) by making it default when the DISTRO_FEATURES specify it. Bug-AGL: SPEC-3128 Signed-off-by: Marius Vlad <> Change-Id: I1bf1546d3cfab14b1b4b76199ba60207c984d69f
2020-01-22meta-security meta-app-framework: handle xmlsec1 upgradeScott Murray1-2/+2
Remove now unneeded meta-security xmlsec1 bbappend, and update the bbappend in meta-app-framework to work with the new xmlsec1 1.2.28 recipe in oe-core. Bug-AGL: SPEC-2932 Change-Id: If57b7c9fa2a4d2b8f9470dd67e95b4579d1210c7 Signed-off-by: Scott Murray <>
2020-01-22meta-app-framework: remove libzip recipeScott Murray2-32/+1
Remove libzip 1.1.1 recipe since meta-oe has a newer 1.5.2 recipe now, and add a bbappend to enable required native and nativesdk building with BBCLASSEXTEND. Bug-AGL: SPEC-2932 Change-Id: I224ba96ffce78c07590d7f791d4ab3b64c7febda Signed-off-by: Scott Murray <>
2020-01-22Declare layer compatibility with zeusJan-Simon Möller1-1/+1
For the uprev to YP 3.0 zeus we need to update the layer compatibility. Change-Id: Ib762915305588c39400c3c8343152b4ecbfa4556 Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Möller <>
2020-01-10af-binder: UpgradeJose Bollo1-1/+1
This upgrade of the binder includes improvement in event handling (SPEC-3069) and minor fixes. Unscription should now be immediately effective as expected, no matter how many subscribe was done. Included commits: * 8828c6be main-afb-client-demo: Fix typo * f3d1f19a afb-apiset: Fix start of apis * 18d28239 AFB.js: pass event name * ca0f859d afb-proto-ws: Improve comment and names * f40979c7 afb-proto-ws: Add message for unexpected event * c6fcbec3 afb-evt: Improve name of listening functions * 36ed9d2e afb-evt: Ensure unsubscribe works * 164f1414 afb-ws-client: Improve direct URI * 65353dce Update copyright dates Bug-AGL: SPEC-3066 Bug-AGL: SPEC-3069 Bug-AGL: SPEC-3087 Bug-AGL: SPEC-3094 Change-Id: I499643564a1026f54b7cfd68f73352561e1d8649 Signed-off-by: Jose Bollo <>
2019-12-20af-main: Fix allocation of idsJose Bollo1-1/+1
The allocation of ids and ports was broken because ids was not well scanned since commit 6008a3e Bug-AGL: SPEC-3068 Change-Id: Ia92a9c05e99ba1b62856d1610d2a91c9693c35e2 Signed-off-by: Jose Bollo <>
2019-12-20af-binder: Fix a critical bugJose Bollo1-1/+1
This fix a critical bug of the binder that lead to memory crash and instabilities. Bug-AGL: SPEC-3066 Change-Id: Ied3756fb7cf0dea423cda1c8367510fc175ab447 Signed-off-by: Jose Bollo <>
2019-12-19af-main: OAuth client credentials and localuser namesJosé Bollo3-36/+2
This includes: - the basic OAuth client credential server - the token logic for WAM apps - the use of localuser names WAM apps Bug-AGL: SPEC-2968 Bug-AGL: SPEC-3032 Bug-AGL: SPEC-3033 Bug-AGL: SPEC-3014 Change-Id: I37588d4a4f9b74bb0ab0da70c7fbae1f8979f25e Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2019-12-19af-binder: Fix issue when no port definedJosé Bollo1-1/+1
Since introduction of interfaces, it is no more needed to define a port. But the binder was still complaining that no port were defined. Bug-AGL: SPEC-2968 Bug-AGL: SPEC-3014 Change-Id: Ia3d748615641db5f467c3313ff7b02c16608d0ac Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2019-12-16af-main: Ensure home and workdir to platform's appJose Bollo1-1/+1
The widget requesting the permission to run at platform scope: urn:AGL:permission::partner:scope-platform should be able to record data and state. This change provides a default place to achieve it. Bug-AGL: SPEC-2998 Change-Id: I1278375591716d18ce1346acc0f63fb073e4556a Signed-off-by: Jose Bollo <>
2019-12-06af-main & af-binder: Partial shift to token logicJose Bollo2-2/+2
This commit includes changes related to integration of token security logic and use of nss-localuser. Changes from af-main are: * 581f99c wgtpkg-install: Add default permissions * 50ab763 Remove tokens * 6008a3e Enforce numeric application IDs * 653562e Introduce localuser interface for applications Changes from af-binder are: * 5026e71 docs( typo * 2243df1 afb-api-dbus: Fix broken broadcast in dbus apis * ff5446e afb-proto-ws: Fix crash on event to disconnected * 1b240e6 afb-hreq: Handle HTTP header Authorization * 29ae81f Introduce object for tokens * 6f59158 coverage: Fix regression * 9a623c3 monitoring: Fix display on connection error * e6908a2 afb-hreq: Handle access_token query parameter * 0d3dc97 Remove refreshing token * 7c67e96 Remove returning token * e08d57c Don't return the uuid * b4da3b7 Move tokens from sessions to requests * e80c1a7 Use afb_token in contexts * d735ff8 afb-session: Expose a local id for sessions * 5ac7bb0 afb-session: remove initial token * 0fd887b u16id: Add maps for identifiers id of 16 bits * eaf5670 afb-evt: Use 16 bits for ids * b55f3cd afb-stub-ws: Enforce asynchronous describe * 7386e1c afb-proto-ws: Change the protocol WSAPI * 74a7ebb afb-error-text: Introduce standard error text * af003cd afb-auth: Increase and improve use of afb-auth * 98b214e afb-hswitch: Update websocket policy * b70caad afb-context: Move credentials to context * d8aff62 afb-context & afb-token: rework token validation * 36094f9 afb-supervision: Improve messages * 354dfe5 afb-perm: separate access to permission db * 93483c5 AFB.js: Enforce single code * c79b6ba Relax constraint on aliases * 7a28ebb afb-socket: Add ability to set a default scheme * 82a9d79 main-afb-daemon: manage listening interfaces Bug-AGL: SPEC-2968 Change-Id: If4751144595c38a69608a962c92b54ae1a976ac8 Signed-off-by: Jose Bollo <>
2019-12-03nss-localuser: Add application to localuser familyJosé Bollo1-1/+1
This allows to use separate hostnames for separate applications and separate users. Bug-AGL: SPEC-2968 Change-Id: Iac139e3cda57c67796bbdacceceb39fe57c46591 Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2019-12-03security-manager: Improve integrationJosé Bollo8-369/+3
This fixes some issues encountered by the current integration of the security-manager: - its recipes is spread in too much directories (see SPEC-2092) - its initialization should be checked (see SPEC-2091) - the location of the database has to be changed (see SPEC-1717 that provided a workaround) All in one, I decided to create that ticket that summarize the work that can be quickly achieved to answer all this issues that are tightly coupled. Bug-AGL: SPEC-2972 Bug-AGL: SPEC-2092 Bug-AGL: SPEC-2091 Bug-AGL: SPEC-1717 Change-Id: I7af941c25cfa1624d76c2e8f512f6535918912f0 Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2019-11-14af-binder: Fix callsync hangingJosé Bollo1-1/+1
This bump includes the following changes: * 6f42df1e Improve detection of the bindings * b612db21 sig-monitor: Fix exit in signal handler * 355db4b7 jobs: Fix callsync hanging Bug-AGL: SPEC-2937, SPEC-2907, SPEC-2841 Change-Id: If45bd10e66d3db32790acc4f1c3f57948325c859 Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2019-11-07Cynagora: Replace cynara with cynagoraJosé Bollo2-2/+2
Shift from the permission database cynara to cynagora permission database with a compatibility library. The cache size required by dbus-cynara is updated because that size is now a count of bytes, not a count of entries. Bug-AGL: SPEC-2844 Change-Id: I9a81de6e3b8bcb94adc0bb05c63183c2eda3f310 Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2019-10-11af-main: Starting of HTML, API discovery, fixJosé Bollo1-1/+1
This upgrade includes the 2 fixes and one evolution below: * conf/system: fix shebang not absolute * Add WAIT_FOR_HOST_SERVICE envvar to unit files for webapps * Add discovery of API Bug-AGL: SPEC-2793 Bug-AGL: SPEC-2863 Bug-AGL: SPEC-2871 Change-Id: I0b9fb30b580be04d2f22c0daf3b21f4c4c0a2087 Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2019-09-16af-binder: Fix event sending regressionJosé Bollo1-1/+1
This fix a regression described by the jira ticket below: events wasn't sent as expected. Bug-AGL: SPEC-2809 Include the following changes: * 8744669 Fix binding example path & update afb-daemon options * 45a4e69 Make source files relative * 7129df4 jobs: Wake up an event loop if needed * 84d1859 Revert "Make source files relative" Change-Id: If93c26bba71350b4499d54feaebdebb71ad816f5 Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2019-09-05af-platform-setup: fix installation modeJosé Bollo1-1/+1
The file systemd-udevd.service.d/udev-shared.conf was installed with default rigths meaning rwxr-xr-x. Systemd complains about it: Configuration file /lib/systemd/system/systemd-udevd.service.d/udev-shared.conf is marked executable. Please remove executable permission bits. Proceeding anyway. This commit fix that issue. Bug-AGL: SPEC-2798 Change-Id: I90a2b0f538416b5e8e6f8e1aaf552530150c8103 Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2019-08-20af-binder: fixesJosé Bollo1-1/+1
This integrates the following fixes * 3343b4d Fix outdated documents * 6f13ad1 Avoid lock when child dies * ac2ab69 Replace obsolete argument "sessiondir" with "workdir" * 0ea0734 jobs: Add starting mode for jobs * 6599a89 Fix client disconnection close Bug-AGL: SPEC-2714 Bug-AGL: SPEC-2720 Bug-AGL: SPEC-2759 Change-Id: I962f310cf69e72d01c78c0620115cd2d66586e2c Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2019-08-20afs-supervisor: Start the service on needJosé Bollo1-1/+1
afs-supervisor.service failed to start the supervisor due to a non available activation socket. This change start the api socket and will activate the service on need. Bug-AGL: SPEC-2753 Change-Id: I2fd3c2d2d29bce8d70becaba0792918d6f6c0769 Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2019-08-16dbus-cynara: Simplifies build recipeJosé Bollo1-1/+1
Simplifies the way of building dbus-cynara by removing the specific recipes in favour of a recipe for dbus that handles the class-target build feature. It requires to remove fake dependencies of cynara. This is a suggestion of Tom Rini. Bug-AGL: SPEC-1839 Change-Id: Id7a736eb4b73cdb679fa9dde30e9ad8e56c2894e Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2019-08-01af-binder: Fix error in synchronous callsJosé Bollo1-1/+1
There fixes a bug with an inversion between info and error in implementation of synchronous calls, leading to bad detection of errors. Includes: * 6bb714c afb-xreq: Remove field 'listener' * d325856 afb-binding.h: Ensure json-c/json.h is sourced * 056c53d AFB.js: Improve default token discovery * daecef1 supervisor: Setup services for local API use * 687d90d Fix detection of error in call synchronous Bug-AGL: SPEC-2697 Change-Id: I20cf2d5219e7cc962862b604e642610b0f8a75b1 Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2019-07-23af-binder: Fix circular broadcast of eventsJosé Bollo1-1/+1
Include changes: * 6fe59e2 uuid: Add module for UUID generation * 5b59688 afb-evt: Refactor processing of broadcasted events * 6dfeafe Tag broadcasted events with UUID and hop * 51ab7c2 Fix bad memory access at client disconnection Bug-AGL: SPEC-2625 Change-Id: Ifa81293a783d5119d7a3d4c33598e1eb865e703c Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2019-07-13af-binder: Fix of subscribe issueJosé Bollo1-1/+1
Enforce serialization of messages, makes event really asynchronous, and enforce (un)subscribe in living request. Include the following changes: * 909893e afb-evt: Improve compatibility to guppy * 248ec5d afb-evt: send events in separate job * c8cc0d6 Revert "afb-stub-ws: Allow unordered process of messages" * bc38af3 afb-xreq: Forbids (un)subscribes after reply * 0342cd1 afb-client-demo: Allow pipe of messages Bug-AGL: SPEC-2215 Bug-AGL: SPEC-2219 Bug-AGL: SPEC-2542 Bug-AGL: SPEC-2599 Change-Id: I357aeb852e2041ac6056dd563dac42f29dadb52d Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2019-07-09af-binder: Fix supervision socket nameJosé Bollo1-1/+1
A typo in the recipe of af-binder avoided to correctly define the supervision socket. Bug-AGL: SPEC-2621 Change-Id: I47dcd94e5454d85d9b5994d4f82a0f8abb400000 Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2019-06-19af-main: Version bump for running as agl-driverJosé Bollo1-1/+1
Integrates the following changes: * 3284913 Introduce dbus config of services * 77bd420 Introduce platform services * 533d5a1 Fix synchronisation of user setup Bug-AGL: SPEC-1015 Bug-AGL: SPEC-1016 Change-Id: I3fd000a9fbdd73317b565d69ba2d8fbd49dc4e7f Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>
2019-06-19af-platform-setup: Add recipe for setting platformJosé Bollo3-0/+21
The Application Framework has implications on platform setup. This commit introduces a recipe that at the end would group all these required setup at on place. Bug-AGL: SPEC-1015 Change-Id: I45904ba269883329295bcbc3c70427edbfdd674f Signed-off-by: José Bollo <>