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2017-03-03handling of console device by local.conf to automate Joule supportDominig ar Foll (Intel Open Source)1-24/+18
Change-Id: I884827ed221ad7dc53512aa213291b1f48e60dac Signed-off-by: Dominig ar Foll (Intel Open Source) <>
2016-10-24Adding support for systemd-boot (or ex-gummyboot) on top of grubDominig ar Foll1-4/+30
Change-Id: I3e3306ec9c8b2cd898beb779bbbade235a83901e Signed-off-by: Dominig ar Foll <>
2016-10-05adding create boot devices from AGL images for UEFI bootDominig ar Foll1-0/+397
Change-Id: I0e89fc869c048d6bd1b49904a683f645ca51ebec Signed-off-by: Dominig ar Foll <>