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2018-12-04Initial check-inScott Murray1-0/+54
Demo instrument cluster dashboard application to display instrument cluster mock-up with speedometer, tachometer, temperature, and fuel gauges. A space is provided in the center of the dashboard for the overlay of the receiver application's remote display. Note that the gauges themselves and their animation are based on the Qt dashboard example: The associated qml source files are under the BSD license, other files are Apache 2.0. Additionally, note that the application uses the windowmanager, but not the homescreen service, as the demo instrument cluster does not use the homescreen. There is also an implicit assumption that the windowmanager configuration allows the application to claim the homescreen role and that the surface for that role will be 1920x1080 portrait mode. Change-Id: I413fa165125813757ab4712993320440ed641f32 Signed-off-by: Scott Murray <>