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Use latest version of afb-helpers submodule.
Changes of afb-helpers: (9a1f7ea - jobol) wrap-json: new helper functions for comparison (c7cd527 - Sebastien Douheret) Removed anonymous function in ScanDir and fixed warnings (98c64ea - José Bollo) wrap-json: Add clone facility (5ae2a7a - Sebastien Douheret) Disabled debug code (only used for testing). (563bdea - Jonathan Aillet) Correction to include dynamic api correctly (9685413 - Sebastien Douheret) Fixed build warnings with gcc >= 7.3 (f250572 - Thierry Bultel) Added afb-helpers-utils.h Change-Id: Icae6afd7ac766b1e12e9d2bad22fd5df15c81841 Signed-off-by: Sebastien Douheret <sebastien.douheret@iot.bzh>
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