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Use latest version of app-controller-submodule submodule.
Changes of app-controller-submodule: (c04f029 - Sebastien Douheret) Fixed hidden bound variable (apiHandle) (cfe3919 - Sebastien Douheret) Fixed null value when push Lua arguments (69c0585 - José Bollo) Adjust to compile with incoming bindings v3 (d7e260c - José Bollo) Remove declaration to not existing functions (8ac6625 - Romain Forlot) Add 2 lua utilities function (d3504bb - Jonathan Aillet) Update README.md for new metadata keys. (690bdee - Jonathan Aillet) Fix a compilation issue due to modif of AFB_ReqSuccess (4063ff0 - Clément Bénier) README:md: update README accordingly to new json scheme. (e9f423a - Sebastien Douheret) Fixed crash due to call to json_object_put (ce3e14c - Sebastien Douheret) Fix segfault when printing long message from lua (6838dff - Sebastien Douheret) Fixed spelling of AFB_ReqSuccess (5b079d4 - Jonathan Aillet) Remove an unnecessary variable (ddd10be - Jonathan Aillet) Make parsing of action loading non blocking (540522a - Jonathan Aillet) Use an external file for app fw functions link (50feaf0 - Jonathan Aillet) Use macro to test request validity (bcd9efc - Sebastien Douheret) Fixed build warnings with gcc >= 7.3 (0e30275 - Jonathan Aillet) Increase lua script max message size (263731b - Jonathan Aillet) Prevent lost of config file path when searching (8ce6d20 - Jonathan Aillet) Correct way that api actions are handled in controller (64671ea - Jonathan Aillet) Handle more metadata in the controller. (53bc4e4 - Jonathan Aillet) Add possibility to set prefix to NULL in CtlConfigScan Change-Id: I25e46f4bf84f988035faaeb35fac7904d0231429 Signed-off-by: Sebastien Douheret <sebastien.douheret@iot.bzh>
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