MediaScanner Service


MediaScanner service use the database from respective lightmediascanner media scan, and also triggers playlist updates when storage media changes.


Name Description JSON Parameters
subscribe subscribe to media events Request: {"value":"media_added"}
unsubscribe unsubcribe to media events Request: {"value":"media_added"}
media_result get current media playlist See media_result Reporting section

media_result Reporting

JSON response for media_result request parameters is an array of dictionary entries with the following fields.

Name Description
duration length of track in milliseconds
path uri escaped path to media on filesystem
title title for media entey
album album name for media entry
artist artist name for media entry
genre genre type for media entry
type media entry data type (e.g audio, video)

If no media is present, the an empty array will be returned.


Name Description
media_added event that reports storage media insertion
media_removed event that reports storage media removal

media_added Event JSON Response

JSON response for this event has the same results as documented in media_result Reporting sections.

media_removed Event JSON Response

JSON response has a single field Path that is the location of media that has been removed.