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2018-08-24Revert "Use appid between homescreen-service and apps"guppy_6.90.0guppy/6.90.0flounder_5.99.6flounder_5.99.5flounder_5.99.4flounder/5.99.6flounder/5.99.5flounder/ Tanikawa4-10/+11
This reverts commit 5fbb59e80e4f870a1badd694d2efcd8cd941cdfb. Bug-AGL: SPEC-1685 Change-Id: Idd71625415b79cff6ab76b6179236d946a5aab41 Signed-off-by: Tadao Tanikawa <tanikawa.tadao@jp.panasonic.com>
2018-08-19Fix short height of background imageTadao Tanikawa2-5/+2
Recently window manager changed the homescreen layout, the height for application changed from 1487 to 1488 css pixel. Before reworking about multiple resolution, this causes unexpected stretch of background image. After, this causes short of height of background. Bug-AGL: SPEC-1611 Change-Id: I05a55f3dc4f4444dc681b8b35db0e99d6c1aeb35 Signed-off-by: Tadao Tanikawa <tanikawa.tadao@jp.panasonic.com>
2018-08-06Use appid between homescreen-service and appsflounder_5.99.3flounder/
Use appid between hss and apps, and check event destination in libhomescreen. So these is no need compare code when recived Event_TapShortcut Event. BUG-AGL: SPEC-1645 Change-Id: I02a87f289c6da0a86012fd304fb1f2d2452ee990 Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2018-08-02Merge "Improve output of multiple screen resolution"Jan-Simon Moeller2-23/+28
2018-08-02Improve output of multiple screen resolutionTadao Tanikawa2-23/+28
To improve output on various monitor with various resolution, use scale_factor from WM to fit various screen resolution. Bug-AGL: SPEC-1568, SPEC-1569, SPEC-1611 Change-Id: I6e71fd0a2c9cf5fbcf23ea529a094b74da6c1841 Signed-off-by: Tadao Tanikawa <tanikawa.tadao@jp.panasonic.com>
2018-07-31Change hide icon source with containszheng_wenlong1-2/+4
If homescreen repo use homescreen without "-2017", Launcher need hide icon for homescreen or "-2017". So change the code compare with application id. Change-Id: If1d33ea1718909626b1a04f128ee9b385bc2d447 Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2018-07-19[HACK] Resolve race condition when bootingflounder_5.99.2flounder/ Tanikawa1-0/+11
If HomeScreen comes after Launcher is launched, HomeScreen will miss all app's icons. This hack is for resolving the race condition between HomeScreen and Launcher when system booting. Time of delay can be adjust by environment variable, 'HMI_LAUNCHER_STARTUP_DELAY'. The default delay time is 1 sec. Bug-AGL: SPEC-1471 Change-Id: Ied744c3e322203e66dd17d68dd783ad8f5cd3880 Signed-off-by: Tadao Tanikawa <tanikawa.tadao@jp.panasonic.com>
2018-06-27Detach launcher application from HomeScreenzheng_wenlong46-0/+7340
Detach launcher application from Homescreen, Use qlibhomescreen instead of homescreenhandle. [Patch sets 3] This application needs qlibhomescreen, add into sdk in 14597. [Patch sets 4] Right now add qlibhomescreen class into src for instead. Delete it after qlibhomescreen is add into sdk. [Patch sets 5] From Jan-Simon advise, waitting for qlibhomescreen sdk. So return to Patch sets 3. Relative commit: https://gerrit.automotivelinux.org/gerrit/#/c/14597/ Task-AGL: SPEC-1518 Change-Id: Ia16aecddd2bf4623038a84254a0c56967ace9b92 Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>