BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterSPEC-2970: Add bluetooth and ofono on qemu ARM/ARM64 skiplistsCorentin LABBE2 days
sandbox/jsmoeller/extend-service-checksExtend service checksJan-Simon Moeller2 months
halibutMerge "Add application-lifecycle test"Jan-Simon Moeller8 months
guppyAdd gitreview file for guppy branchJan-Simon Möller10 months
flounderAdd gitreview file for flounder branchJan-Simon Möller15 months
eelAdd .gitreview defaultbranch for eelJan-Simon Möller2 years
chinookAdd .gitreview for dabJan-Simon Möller2 years
dabAdd .gitreview for dabJan-Simon Möller2 years
8.99.2commit 5a2fd85f9a...Jan-Simon Möller9 hours
icefish/8.99.2commit 5a2fd85f9a...Jan-Simon Möller9 hours
icefish_8.99.2commit 5a2fd85f9a...Jan-Simon Möller9 hours
8.99.1commit 13329bab4e...Jan-Simon Möller2 weeks
icefish/8.99.1commit 13329bab4e...Jan-Simon Möller2 weeks
icefish_8.99.1commit 13329bab4e...Jan-Simon Möller2 weeks
8.0.3commit f6e4ceb2f7...Jan-Simon Möller3 weeks
halibut/8.0.3commit f6e4ceb2f7...Jan-Simon Möller3 weeks
halibut_8.0.3commit f6e4ceb2f7...Jan-Simon Möller3 weeks
8.0.2commit f6e4ceb2f7...Jan-Simon Möller2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2 daysSPEC-2970: Add bluetooth and ofono on qemu ARM/ARM64 skiplistsHEADicefish_8.99.2icefish/ LABBE2-0/+4
8 daysAlso call kill in the right contextJan-Simon Moeller1-1/+1
8 daysCall info ps and status in the context of the app userJan-Simon Moeller1-4/+4
8 daysMerge "SPEC-2996: handle rcar_can"Jan-Simon Moeller1-1/+13
9 daysSPEC-2996: handle rcar_canCorentin LABBE1-1/+13
9 daysSPEC-2996: Fix ip checkCorentin LABBE2-4/+5
10 daysSPEC-2996: rework the CAN modules testsCorentin LABBE1-89/+55
10 daysVerbose outputJan-Simon Möller1-2/+3
10 daysMerge "test_can_loopback_mode: Add ip util version check"Jan-Simon Moeller1-1/+13
11 daystest_can_loopback_mode: Add ip util version checkCorentin LABBE1-1/+13