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Waltham renderer
-The waltham renderer creates buffer to be transmitted to other domain.
-Current implementation it uses gstreamer.
+The waltham renderer creates a buffer to be transmitted to other domain.
+The current implementation it uses gstreamer.
You can use gstreamer pipeline as you want by configuraing from "pipeline.cfg".
-This file should be put "/etc/xdg/weston/".
+This file should be in the folder "/etc/xdg/weston/".
-As a example, please refers the example file named "pipeline_example*.cfg".
+As an example, please refer to the example file named "pipeline_example*.cfg".
-pipeline_example_general.cfg : Does not use any HW encoder.
-pipeline_example_intel.cfg : Use Intel's HW encoder.
-pipeline_example_rcar.cfg : Use Rcar's HW encoder.
-Rename file as "pipeline.cfg" and put crrect place when you use them. \ No newline at end of file
+Rename file as "pipeline.cfg" and put in correct place when you use them. \ No newline at end of file