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2017-12-25Block launching app when an app is launchingeel_5.0.1eel_5.0.0eel/5.0.1eel/ Suzuki3-2/+53
Bug-AGL: SPEC-1214 Change-Id: I747d20ca7a6219535668fc3951a4ff9f55bcaaaf Signed-off-by: Tasuku Suzuki <tasuku.suzuki@qt.io> Signed-off-by: Tadao Tanikawa <tanikawa.tadao@jp.panasonic.com> (cherry picked from commit db9f41d75fb4460f668117c69be05c4d4d4c7c7c)
2017-12-25Improve management icons of homescreenTadao Tanikawa1-12/+4
- sort out filenames of icons - remove unnecessary margins of icon - fix rule of converting metadata of app to icon's filename Before: filename is made from id returns appfw After: filename is lowercase of name defined in config.xml - Add 2 new builtin icons, VIDEO and WEBBROWSER Bug-AGL: SPEC-673 Change-Id: I606841b19c884687237c92012724f5a1a3f6f603 Signed-off-by: Tadao Tanikawa <tanikawa.tadao@jp.panasonic.com> (cherry picked from commit 8b2fa00276456759fffdd97e210f643b46a0cb1e)
2017-12-17Change to new color schemeTadao Tanikawa1-2/+2
- Color scheme has been changed - Icon and text has been splitted Incoming patch is necessary to show text with icons. Bug-AGL: SPEC-1085 Change-Id: I267a4fef9901b56e355efac7357c101fd9162421 Signed-off-by: Tadao Tanikawa <tanikawa.tadao@jp.panasonic.com> (cherry picked from commit f756a01c3e78ebdb1ebe74efa52b8905a6a2c6b5)
2017-12-16Display a blank icon with first letter when icon is not existzheng_wenlong1-0/+6
Add a new feature, when icon is not exist in homescreen, display a blank icon with first letter. Bug-AGL: SPEC-673 Change-Id: I928537bd61f655107393890166260b7446a16a97 Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com> (cherry picked from commit 242e1fcf1e76dc8ad94c0391649fd3ab84e64803)
2017-11-15Change libwindowmanager to qlibwindowmanagerzheng_wenlong5-158/+13
Since qlibwindowmanager set environment QT_IVI_SURFACE_ID, and libwindowmanager remove setenv. HomeScreen need use qlibwindowmanager instead of libwindowmanager. Change-Id: I0d0babff168fe0cecb2ff689605df1f9bbc2c400 Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2017-11-14Change debug MAX to DEBUGzheng_wenlong1-2/+2
It's a mistake set MAX to ERROR, change it to DEBUG. Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2017-11-09Set default debug level to errorzheng_wenlong1-2/+3
Default enable HMI_ERROR output. Remove afb-binding.h and add necessary header files. Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2017-10-30Change function argument to json due to change in libwindowmanagereel_4.99.2eel/
As libwindowmanager changed the function argument from char* to json_object, we need to modify homscreen-2017, too. Related Commit: https://gerrit.automotivelinux.org/gerrit/#/c/11459/ BUG-AGL: SPEC-990 Change-Id: I1ccc61de1c3f817ab69ab4579216faaf85408d0a Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2017-10-26Change function argument from char to json in libhomescreenzheng_wenlong1-7/+7
With the new libhomescreen event api also change the function argument from char to json in the homescreen-2017. Related Commit: https://gerrit.automotivelinux.org/gerrit/#/c/11449/ BUG-AGL: SPEC-992 Change-Id: I9b55e6f2b5b0fbeba64fd888db5662fc173d91b1 Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2017-10-23Remove COPYRIGHT TOYOTA from file without modifiedzheng_wenlong1-7/+10
Remove the COPYRIGHT infor from the file without our modified. And add file name into debug_message. Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2017-10-23Add debug message control by envirmentzheng_wenlong6-25/+93
Add HMI_DEBUG to print debug message, It control by USE_HMI_DEBUG envirment. Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2017-10-22Add Copyright for TOYOTA and remove unnecessary filezheng_wenlong18-468/+41
Add Copyright for file with TOYOTA modified. Remove the unnecessary for this homescreen-2017. Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2017-10-02Add homescreen-2017eel_4.99.1eel/
Add new homescreen-2017 with agl-service-windowmanaeger-2017 and agl-service-homescreen-2017. About this information see JIRA SPEC-871. [PatchSet2] Use aglwgt make package. Delete homescreensimulator and sampleapptimedate beacuse not use them. Change-Id: I402134d0386e76b2127ca95b9b0b48c1721b4086 Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>