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2018-08-03Use appid between homescreen-service and appssandbox/zheng_wenlong/use_appidzheng_wenlong3-5/+9
Use appid between hss and apps, and check event destination in libhomescreen. So these is no need compare code when recived Event_TapShortcut Event. BUG-AGL: SPEC-1645 Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2018-08-02Improve output of multiple screen resolutionTadao Tanikawa2-2/+5
To improve output on various monitor with various resolution, use scale_factor from WM to fit various screen resolution. Bug-AGL: SPEC-1568, SPEC-1569, SPEC-1611 Change-Id: I527b0e96900afd4c0fcbea3cebf2ae800d9cf4ab Signed-off-by: Tadao Tanikawa <tanikawa.tadao@jp.panasonic.com>
2018-08-01Merge "Change bluetooth status using agl-service-bluetooth"Jan-Simon Moeller4-3/+54
2018-08-01StatusBarModel: fix QQmlContext referenceMatt Porter1-0/+1
Fix missing include Bug-AGL: SPEC-1628 Change-Id: Ie0a6d2feff2a92cffc26e83e1bf6a12fd8cd8ebb Signed-off-by: Matt Porter <mporter@konsulko.com>
2018-08-01Change bluetooth status using agl-service-bluetoothzheng_wenlong4-3/+54
Use libqtappfw's bluetooth to connection with agl-service-bluetooth. Instead of using dbus. Change-Id: I87610e0037b586fe08db86325b03f767dbe36537 Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2018-07-27Convert StatusBarModel to get WiFi status info from network bindingMatt Porter4-1/+58
The StatusBarModel updates icons using an exposed DBus API that avoids the appfw. The new networking binding does not support the out of band StatusBar DBus API. Use events from the network binding (exposed as Qt properties) to update the WiFi status indicator. Bug-AGL: SPEC-1628 Change-Id: Ie91f69c1d5d54d4fb225e4e99a1d5a94a0dc83e7 Signed-off-by: Matt Porter <mporter@konsulko.com>
2018-07-20Remove useless ref to pulseaudioflounder_5.99.2flounder/ Desneux2-4/+2
There should be no direct dependency to pulseaudio. Bug-AGL: SPEC-1234 Change-Id: Ib7b784452b767c76beb1bd320c4bce6f7039a929 Signed-off-by: Ronan Le Martret <ronan.lemartret@iot.bzh> Signed-off-by: Stephane Desneux <stephane.desneux@iot.bzh>
2018-07-10Change WindowManager Event Visible to ScreenUpdatedzheng_wenlong1-9/+9
WindowManager had change the event visible from broadcast to private. So HomeScreen can not use it for block shortcut icon areas. Using ScreenUpdated instead of Visible. Change-Id: Iae11e8abe8531397dccb7797274980b99b7a35bc Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2018-06-19Delete launcher icon area from HomeScreenzheng_wenlong41-6228/+9
Delete Home QML file from main.qml. Change Home shortcut icon to launcher. Change-Id: Id1b3ffbbd24ee587a1d3bab1f86c90809bfc1209 Task-AGL: SPEC-1518 Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2018-06-07Change music name to mediaplayerflounder_5.99.1flounder/
HomeScreen use music as the name of mediaplayer application, That make two problems, and try to fix it. 1 Can not diaplay correct mediaplayer icon in launcher. 2 Can not switch to mediaplayer screen by click shortcut icon. Change-Id: I99fd6ac1e5ec13f7e7933bfb5c3762cacf984d8e Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2018-04-04homescreen: weather: use signal parameters over propertiesMatt Ranostay1-9/+8
Don't use property from libqtappfw framework but the passed signal parameters Change-Id: Ide967c3b6aec52f54995e8263303e9cbbd8f99fb Signed-off-by: Matt Ranostay <matt.ranostay@konsulko.com>
2018-02-13homescreen: add OpenWeatherMap data to homescreenMatt Ranostay3-2/+41
Use agl-service-weather weather data via libqtappfw framework on homescreen interface. Bug-AGL: SPEC-1273 Change-Id: If591b74c1e6a912384abf6289128ec9a4a1101b4 Signed-off-by: Matt Ranostay <matt.ranostay@konsulko.com>
2017-12-25Block launching app when an app is launchingTasuku Suzuki8-22/+112
Bug-AGL: SPEC-1214 Change-Id: I747d20ca7a6219535668fc3951a4ff9f55bcaaaf Signed-off-by: Tasuku Suzuki <tasuku.suzuki@qt.io>
2017-12-25Improve missing icon visibilityTasuku Suzuki1-10/+21
Widen outline for initial character Change-Id: I00186652685ecc24c90612121c20ce875547cf2b Signed-off-by: Tasuku Suzuki <tasuku.suzuki@qt.io>
2017-12-25Improve management icons of homescreenTadao Tanikawa74-4401/+5627
- sort out filenames of icons - remove unnecessary margins of icon - fix rule of converting metadata of app to icon's filename Before: filename is made from id returns appfw After: filename is lowercase of name defined in config.xml - Add 2 new builtin icons, VIDEO and WEBBROWSER Bug-AGL: SPEC-673 Change-Id: I606841b19c884687237c92012724f5a1a3f6f603 Signed-off-by: Tadao Tanikawa <tanikawa.tadao@jp.panasonic.com>
2017-12-20Delete unnessary libraries from pro filezheng_wenlong1-5/+0
Delete unnessary libraries from pro file. Include lsystemd, lafbwsc, ljson-c, lwindowmanager, libpluse. Change-Id: I18203ee56597f4d080a96443e8d426fa3642abe0 Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2017-12-17Apply LinearGradient to first letters drawn when icon is missingTasuku Suzuki1-2/+13
The letter was originally drawn with a single color '#00ADDC'. Because background circle in each icon has a gradient, nice to draw it with the same gradient. Change-Id: Ic337989403bfa26003bdfda2f2e2b4aad819ebe2 Signed-off-by: Tasuku Suzuki <tasuku.suzuki@qt.io>
2017-12-16Merge "Revert "Revert "Display blank icon with first letter in new color ↵Jan-Simon Moeller8-5/+132
2017-12-16Merge "Fix installation info"Jan-Simon Moeller1-3/+0
2017-12-16Revert "Revert "Display blank icon with first letter in new color scheme""Tadao Tanikawa8-5/+132
This reverts commit b11094e01c1fe8000475691591bb8f93376acec4. b110 reverts commit 96c3e6d3562556d9877e0ced5bd1ab9197502708. [Update commit message by Tadao Tanikawa] Display default icon in new color scheme When HomeScreen don't have any built-in icon for an application, it displays icon which has initial letter of upper case of application name (returned by AGL appfw) with blue circle (looks like blank icon). In the future, displaying initial letter would be replaced by own icon for each application which is stored in .wgt package. Bug-AGL: SPEC-673 Change-Id: I538530cace02f63fe6d6fcfa682bb7c1935791ee Signed-off-by: Tadao Tanikawa <tanikawa.tadao@jp.panasonic.com>
2017-12-14Merge "Revert "Display blank icon with first letter in new color scheme""Tadao Tanikawa8-132/+5
2017-12-14Revert "Display blank icon with first letter in new color scheme"Jan-Simon Moeller8-132/+5
JSM: Reverting as comments were not addressed in c12525 . This reverts commit 96c3e6d3562556d9877e0ced5bd1ab9197502708. Change-Id: Ib254e2c219e033a6b1ec755c32ddeca66dbb02bf Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Moeller <jsmoeller@linuxfoundation.org>
2017-12-14Merge "Display blank icon with first letter in new color scheme"Zheng Wenlong8-5/+132
2017-12-14Fix installation infoTasuku Suzuki1-3/+0
Change-Id: I7f5cfa2ca77d1eba9fbfb29e700ca9f7787e241e Signed-off-by: Tasuku Suzuki <tasuku.suzuki@qt.io>
2017-12-14Fix volume slider in the media area didn't workTasuku Suzuki1-14/+0
Change-Id: Ib980233c0a7f202186004138813462ff7999864f Signed-off-by: Tasuku Suzuki <tasuku.suzuki@qt.io>
2017-12-14Display blank icon with first letter in new color schemezheng_wenlong8-5/+132
For new color scheme, when icon file is not exist, Display a blank icon with first letter. Change-Id: Ifdb8254435d9ebbd93eca0005e088b99964e9187 Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2017-12-13Change to new color schemeTadao Tanikawa65-41/+6350
- Color scheme has been changed - Icon and text has been splitted Incoming patch is necessary to show text with icons. Bug-AGL: SPEC-1085 Change-Id: I267a4fef9901b56e355efac7357c101fd9162421 Signed-off-by: Tadao Tanikawa <tanikawa.tadao@jp.panasonic.com>
2017-12-13Display a blank icon with first letter when icon is not existzheng_wenlong5-0/+32
Add a new feature, when icon is not exist in homescreen, display a blank icon with first letter. Change-Id: I928537bd61f655107393890166260b7446a16a97 Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2017-12-13Change shortcut icon radio to hvaczheng_wenlong1-4/+4
Change shortcut icon radio to hvac. Change-Id: I521272a8e4b4b1362754ad17ca19b7f7d37a0731 Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2017-11-22Merge "Change libwindowmanager to qlibwindowmanager"eel_4.99.3eel/ Moeller7-161/+19
2017-11-17Merge "Replace Qt Quick Controls 1.x with 2.x API"Jan-Simon Moeller3-3/+2
2017-11-16Replace Qt Quick Controls 1.x with 2.x APITasuku Suzuki3-3/+2
Qt Quick Controls 1.x is designed for PC apps. Car HMI should use 2.x APIs Signed-off-by: Tasuku Suzuki <tasuku.suzuki@qt.io>
2017-11-15Change libwindowmanager to qlibwindowmanagerzheng_wenlong7-161/+19
Since qlibwindowmanager set environment QT_IVI_SURFACE_ID, and libwindowmanager remove setenv. HomeScreen need use qlibwindowmanager instead of libwindowmanager. Change-Id: I0d0babff168fe0cecb2ff689605df1f9bbc2c400 Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2017-11-14Change debug MAX to DEBUGzheng_wenlong1-2/+2
It's a mistake set MAX to ERROR, change it to DEBUG. Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2017-11-09Set default debug level to errorzheng_wenlong1-2/+3
Default enable HMI_ERROR output. Remove afb-binding.h and add necessary header files. Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2017-10-30Change function argument to json due to change in libwindowmanagereel_4.99.2eel/
As libwindowmanager changed the function argument from char* to json_object, we need to modify homscreen-2017, too. Related Commit: https://gerrit.automotivelinux.org/gerrit/#/c/11459/ BUG-AGL: SPEC-990 Change-Id: I1ccc61de1c3f817ab69ab4579216faaf85408d0a Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2017-10-26Change function argument from char to json in libhomescreenzheng_wenlong1-7/+7
With the new libhomescreen event api also change the function argument from char to json in the homescreen-2017. Related Commit: https://gerrit.automotivelinux.org/gerrit/#/c/11449/ BUG-AGL: SPEC-992 Change-Id: I9b55e6f2b5b0fbeba64fd888db5662fc173d91b1 Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2017-10-23Remove COPYRIGHT TOYOTA from file without modifiedzheng_wenlong10-16/+10
Remove the COPYRIGHT infor from the file without our modified. And add file name into debug_message. Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2017-10-23Add debug message control by envirmentzheng_wenlong6-25/+93
Add HMI_DEBUG to print debug message, It control by USE_HMI_DEBUG envirment. Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2017-10-22Add Copyright for TOYOTA and remove unnecessary filezheng_wenlong30-487/+52
Add Copyright for file with TOYOTA modified. Remove the unnecessary for this homescreen-2017. Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2017-10-02Add homescreen-2017eel_4.99.1eel/
Add new homescreen-2017 with agl-service-windowmanaeger-2017 and agl-service-homescreen-2017. About this information see JIRA SPEC-871. [PatchSet2] Use aglwgt make package. Delete homescreensimulator and sampleapptimedate beacuse not use them. Change-Id: I402134d0386e76b2127ca95b9b0b48c1721b4086 Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>