BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
jellyfishPrepare release of Jumping Jellyfish v10.0.0Jan-Simon Moeller5 days
masterUpload manifest file for Jumping Jellyfish 9.99.4Jan-Simon Möller2 weeks
icefishAdd manifest for icefish 9.0.3Jan-Simon Möller6 weeks
sandbox/paulbarker/bbeTMP: Uprev meta-sancloud & dependenciesPaul Barker2 months
sandbox/walzert/can_build_icefishadded phytec and can_build_icefish for the agl-html5 developmentThomas Walzer2 months
sandbox/walzert/can_buildremoved phytec/uncommentedThomas Walzer2 months
sandbox/pmarzin/e3-emulationAdd meta-iot-bzh layerPierre Marzin3 months
sandbox/jsmoeller/cleanup-rcarSwitch rcar to use upstream reposJan-Simon Möller3 months
sandbox/jsmoeller/cleanupSwitch to upstream reposJan-Simon Möller3 months
sandbox/mvlad/agl-compositordefault.xml: Point meta-agl and meta-agl-demo to topic branchesMarius Vlad4 months
sandbox/pmarzin/e3-emulation_9.0.1Save work for icefish 9.0.1Pierre Marzin4 months
nextFurther dunfell updatesScott Murray5 months
halibutdefault.xml: Update meta-updater-raspberrypiLeon Anavi6 months
sandbox/jsmoeller/halibut-pwupdateSwitch to sandboxJan-Simon Moeller9 months
sandbox/locust2001/warriorUpgrade to yocto warrior (3.0)Changhyeok Bae10 months
guppyManifest for 7.0.4Jan-Simon Möller13 months
flounderUpdate manifests to only use httpsJan-Simon Möller16 months
sandbox/jsmoeller/weston6[WIP] Add weston 6.0.0 for WM and HS rewriteJan-Simon Möller16 months
sandbox/scottm/thud-upgradeUpgrade to thudScott Murray18 months
eelUse latest version of meta-updater for pyroEugene Smirnov22 months
for/flounderAdd manifest for FF 6.0.2Jan-Simon Möller22 months
dabUpdate repos to head of morty branches in DAB releaseJan-Simon Möller24 months
trainingManifest for trainingJan-Simon Möller2 years
sandbox/ruke47/flounder_RPi3Improve AGL DEMO for RPiTadao Tanikawa2 years
sandbox/jsmoeller/profilesUse profile sandboxJan-Simon Möller2 years
sandbox/locust2001/rockoUpgrade to rocko (2.4)Changhyeok Bae3 years
sandbox/jsmoeller/test123testJan-Simon Möller3 years
chinookManifest for chinook 3.0.5Jan-Simon Möller3 years
sandbox/locust2001/pyroUpgrade to pyroChanghyeok Bae3 years
sandbox/jsmoeller/defaulttuneAdd meta-agl-extra backJan-Simon Möller3 years
sandbox/oytis/switchupdaterSwitch to meta-updaterAnton Gerasimov3 years
sandbox/jsmoeller/hvacreverseRemove reversed fanspeed - hopefully that fixes the issue - please testJan-Simon Möller3 years
sandbox/oytis/meta-updaterSwitch to meta-updaterAnton Gerasimov3 years
sandbox/rzr/on/master/reviewmeta-iot-web: Add new layer for IoTPhilippe Coval4 years
sandbox/jsmoeller/meta-qt5-58Migrate meta-qt5 to 5.8 branch provided by qt.ioJan-Simon Möller4 years
blowfishUpload manifest for blowfish 2.0.5 releaseJan-Simon Möller4 years
sandbox/ygicquel/gen3-bringuprcar-gen3 introductionYannick Gicquel4 years
mortyadd a pushurl to the remote AGL using ssh configRonan Le Martret4 years
sandbox/jsmoeller/krogoth[WIP] Update manifest for YP 2.1 'krogoth'Jan-Simon Möller4 years
sandbox/jsmoeller/templaterewriteadd meta-intel-iot-security for application framework integrationStephane Desneux4 years
albacoreAdd manifest file for albacore_1.0Jan-Simon Möller5 years