AGL-JTAAGL's LTSI test framework18 months
AGL-JTA-coreAGL's LTSI test framework engine10 months
ci-managementCI jobs on AGL Jenkins, written in jjb yaml style.6 days
ci-management-sandboxUnnamed repository11 months
z_sandboxGerrit Jenkins sandbox.3 years
AGL-distroUnnamed repository2 days
AGL-repo##### AGL-repo is the central repo file to checkout AGL #####41 hours
DemoApps/ALS2016[deprecated] Demo Application code for ALS201615 months
DemoApps/CES2016[deprecated] Demo Application code for CES201615 months
DemoApps/CES2017Demo Application code for CES201711 months
Test-ProjectSandbox for testing AGL gerrit governance2 days
docker-worker-generatorDocker container generator script2 days
meta-aglmeta-agl layer (core AGL)10 hours
meta-agl-demometa-agl-demo layer (demo/staging/"one-shot")10 hours
meta-agl-develmeta-agl-devel (Development and Community BSPs)40 hours
meta-agl-extrameta-agl-extra (additional/optional components for AGL)2 days
meta-renesasmeta-renesas (Renesas RCAR gen 2 BSP)2 days
meta-renesas-rcar-gen3meta-renesas (Renesas RCAR gen 3 BSP)2 days
releng-scriptsLava CI tools and templates2 days
agl-service-audio-4aHigh Level Alsa Binding for the AGL Advanced Audio Agent (4a)2 days
agl-service-audio-mpcdMPCd binding2 days
agl-service-bluetoothbluetooth binding2 days
agl-service-can-low-levelLow level CAN service made to decode and write on CAN bus.2 days
agl-service-data-persistenceAGL binding for data persistence2 days
agl-service-geoclueAGL Geoclue service to backup GPS positioning with network-based positioning2 days
agl-service-geofenceAGL geofence binding to signal vehicle POI bounding box events2 days
agl-service-gpsGPS binding2 days
agl-service-gstreamerGStreamer binding for multimedia control and playback2 days
agl-service-homescreen-2017Binding for applications to communicate with the homescreen-20172 days
agl-service-identity-agentIdentity Agent2 days
agl-service-mediaplayerAGL Media Player service that allows applications to control playing media.2 days
agl-service-mediascannerAGL Media Scanning service that allows applications to detect and index media at...2 days
agl-service-nfcAGL service NFC binding2 days
agl-service-radioradio binding2 days
agl-service-signal-composerAGL High Level Signaling service to handle CAN, LIN, and others signaling source...2 days
agl-service-soundmanager-2017Binding for applications to communicate with the soundmanager-20172 days
agl-service-steering-wheelAnd binding service for steering wheel demo 2 days
agl-service-unicensInfotainment network setup and access (using Unified Centralized Network Stack)2 days
agl-service-weatherAGL binding that uses OpenWeathermap data to display current conditions on Homes...3 months
agl-service-wifiwifi binding2 days
agl-service-windowmanager-2017Binding for applications to communicate with the windowmanager-20174 hours
als-meter-demoShow information for steering-wheel and usb camera2 days
app-afb-helpers-submoduleLibrary to be use for AFB bindings development . Use as a submodule in your proj...45 hours
app-controller-submoduleGeneric Controller Utilities to handle Policy,Small Business Logic, Glue in betw...41 hours
app-templatesApplication templates2 days
chromiumChromium built with the SDK as application2 days
controlsControls (setup) reference application2 days
dashboardDashboard reference application2 days
homescreenAGL Home Screen reference implementation2 days
hvacHVAC reference application2 days
low-level-can-serviceObsolete: See agl-service-can-low-level.8 weeks
mediaplayerMediaplayer reference application21 hours
mixerMixer reference application2 days
navigationNavigation application for AGL which utilizes service bindings2 days
onscreenappApplication to display on screen messages using the new hmi framework (windowman...2 days
phonePhone reference application42 hours
radioRadio reference application2 days
settingsSettings (submenu) reference application43 hours
settings-bluetoothSettings-bluetooth reference app2 days
settings-wifiSettings-wifi reference app2 days
videoplayerAGL Demo video player application2 days
4a-alsa-coreLow Level Alsa Binding for the AGL Advanced Audio Agent (4a)35 hours
4a-hal-communityUnnamed repository2 days
4a-hal-referenceSample HAL for the reference platforms of AGL for the AGL Advanced Audio Agent2 days
4a-hal-unicensExpose Microchip MOST APIs through the AGL Advanced Audio Agent (4a)2 days
4a-hal-utilities4a-hal-utilities2 days
app-framework-binderApplication Framework binder daemon, maintained by team14 hours
app-framework-demoApplication Framework demos, maintained by team2 days
app-framework-host-utilitiesDeprecated.6 months
app-framework-mainApplication Framework main service, maintained by team22 hours
can-lincan driver components maintained by microchip2 days
homescreenappframeworkbinderaglThe proxy between the HomeScreen application and the Application Framework2 days
hvacpluginCAN to hvac plumbing2 days
inputeventmanagerAGL Input Event Manager reference implementation2 days
libhomescreenA C++ shared library to access the HomeScreen D-Bus API2 days
libqtappfwLibrary wrapping AppFW message processing and bindings within Qt objects2 days
low-level-can-generatorLow level CAN generator, used to generate application code from CAN signals JSON...2 days
mostmost driver components maintained by microchip2 days
qa-test-miscSources for various tests that we have recipes for but no good upstream2 days
qa-testdefinitionsQA testdedinitions for LAVA2 days
qtaglextrasQt modules for AGL applications compatible with AGL AppFw and Demo HomeScreen/Wi...2 days
qtquickcontrols2-aglAGL demo custom QtQuickControls2 widgets2 days
qtquickcontrols2-agl-styleAGL QtQuickControls2 style customizations.2 days
unicensUnnamed repository2 days
vod-serverUnnamed repository2 days
weston-ivi-pluginsUnnamed repository4 weeks
windowmanagerAGL WindowManager reference implementation2 days
xds/xds-agentXDS agent6 days
xds/xds-cliXDS cli46 hours
xds/xds-commonXDS common components2 months
xds/xds-docsXDS Documentation3 months
xds/xds-gdbXDS gdb6 days
xds/xds-serverXDS server6 days
AudioManagerPluginsUnnamed repository2 days
HomeScreenAGL Home Screen reference implementation (obsolete)11 months
agl-audio-pluginDeprecated.2 days
agl-jta-resultsDeprecated.6 months
homescreen-2017New homescreen implementation started in 20172 days
libsoundmanagerUnnamed repository2 days
libwindowmanagerUnnamed repository25 hours
meta-iot-aglDeprecated. Migrated to months
meta-optee-aglop-tee related recipes12 months
most-can-demo-binBinary components for most and can for ALS 2016 demo only11 months
qlibhomescreenHMI Framework homescreen wrapper library for Qt applications2 days
qlibsoundmanagerHMI Framework soundmanager wrapper library for Qt applications2 days
qlibwindowmanagerHMI Framework windowmanager wrapper library for Qt applications45 hours
qtmultimedia-rtlfm-radio-pluginRTL-SDR radio plugin for QtMultimedia2 days
release-uploadStaging location for the release tarballs.7 weeks
soundmanagerSound Manager provides Abstract API of Audio Manager Interface and service bindi...2 days
tizen-application-managerTizen IVI 3.0 Application Framework12 months
windowmanagerUnnamed repository2 days
xdg-launcherLauncher for XDG applications on AGL Demo with HomeScreen/WindowManager2 days