AGL-JTA5 years
AGL-JTA-core4 years
CIAT-docsEG CIAT documentation repo10 months
ci-managementCI jobs on AGL Jenkins, written in jjb yaml style.6 days
ci-management-sandboxUnnamed repository4 years
docs-sources[deprecated] sources for the doc site10 months
docs-webtemplatewebrendering10 months
z_sandboxGerrit Jenkins sandbox.10 months
AGL-repo##### AGL-repo is the central repo file to checkout AGL #####4 days
Test-ProjectSandbox for testing AGL gerrit governance10 months
docker-worker-generatorDocker container generator script5 days
documentationThis holds the documentation hosted on readthedocs.io5 days
lava-dockerUnnamed repository5 days
meta-aglmeta-agl layer (core AGL)4 hours
meta-agl-cluster-democluster demo specific recipes and configuration5 days
meta-agl-demometa-agl-demo layer (demo/staging/"one-shot")3 days
meta-agl-develmeta-agl-devel (Development and Community BSPs)5 days
meta-agl-extrameta-agl-extra (additional/optional components for AGL)5 days
meta-agl-refhwBSP of the AGL reference hardware4 days
meta-agl-telematics-demoAGL/meta-agl-telematics-demo5 days
meta-renesas17 months
meta-renesas-rcar-gen313 months
releng-scriptsLava CI tools and templates5 days
agl-cluster-demo-dashboardSample cluster demo dashboard5 days
agl-cluster-demo-gaugesMinimal cluster demo gauges that can be used standalone.5 days
agl-cluster-demo-receiverCluster receiver demo native application (XDG)5 days
agl-qt-cluster-demo-receiverCluster receiver demo QT application5 days
agl-service-audio-4a17 months
agl-service-audiomixerMixer (control) API for use with pipewire5 days
agl-service-bluetoothbluetooth binding5 days
agl-service-bluetooth-mapBluetooth Message Access Profile service5 days
agl-service-bluetooth-pbapBluetooth Phone Book Access Protocoll service5 days
agl-service-can-high-level-viwiHigh level can service using the VIWI spec5 days
agl-service-can-low-levelLow level CAN service made to decode and write on CAN bus.5 days
agl-service-cloudproxycloudproxy service5 days
agl-service-data-persistenceAGL binding for data persistence5 days
agl-service-geoclueAGL Geoclue service to backup GPS positioning with network-based positioning5 days
agl-service-geofenceAGL geofence binding to signal vehicle POI bounding box events5 days
agl-service-gpsGPS binding5 days
agl-service-gstreamer8 months
agl-service-harvesterV2C interface that collect data to TimeSeries database5 days
agl-service-helloworldsimple hello world5 days
agl-service-homescreenApplications need a new binding to communicate with homescreen5 days
agl-service-homescreen-20178 months
agl-service-hvachvac service5 days
agl-service-identity-agentIdentity Agent5 days
agl-service-iiodevicesiiodevices support8 hours
agl-service-inputmethodThis service can communicate input methods between applications and virtual keyb...5 days
agl-service-mediaplayerAGL Media Player service that allows applications to control playing media.5 days
agl-service-mediascannerAGL Media Scanning service that allows applications to detect and index media at...5 days
agl-service-navigationNavigation API with binding5 days
agl-service-networkAGL Network service providing support for management of networking interfaces in...5 days
agl-service-nfcAGL service NFC binding5 days
agl-service-platform-infoindings to provide platform information such as build, hardware, os to others bi...5 days
agl-service-poiDemonstration POI service and API with binding5 days
agl-service-poi-ownersUnnamed repository16 months
agl-service-radioradio binding5 days
agl-service-signal-composerAGL High Level Signaling service to handle CAN, LIN, and others signaling source...5 days
agl-service-soundmanagerBinding for applications to communicate with the soundmanager5 days
agl-service-soundmanager-20178 months
agl-service-speech8 months
agl-service-steering-wheelAnd binding service for steering wheel demo 5 days
agl-service-taskmanagerSimple taskmanager service to retrieve data from procps.5 days
agl-service-telephonyTelephony service5 days
agl-service-unicensInfotainment network setup and access (using Unified Centralized Network Stack)5 days
agl-service-unicens-controllerAPI to control infotainment network devices5 days
agl-service-voice-highHighlevel voice service5 days
agl-service-voice-high-capabilitiesHighlevel voice capabilities service5 days
agl-service-weatherAGL binding that uses OpenWeathermap data to display current conditions on Homes...5 days
agl-service-wifi8 months
agl-service-windowmanager[deprecated] Binding for applications to communicate with the windowmanager5 days
agl-service-windowmanager-20178 months
agl-service-xds-monitoringCollects intrinsic bindings metrics from supervisor daemon as well as system res...5 days
agl-telematics-demo-recorderapps/agl-telematics-demo-recorder5 days
alexa-demo-uiUnnamed repository19 months
alexa-viewerAn app to view the visual templates (cards) returned by alexa.5 days
als-meter-demoShow information for steering-wheel and usb camera5 days
app-afb-helpers-submoduleLibrary to be use for AFB bindings development . Use as a submodule in your proj...5 days
app-afb-testBinding embedding test framework to test others binding5 days
app-controller-submoduleGeneric Controller Utilities to handle Policy,Small Business Logic, Glue in betw...5 days
app-templates[Deprecated] For versions >= Guppy use the CMake module instead.5 days
aroundviewAGL demo around view sample application using v4l2 API.5 days
camera-gstreamercamera app using gstreamer5 days
chromiumChromium built with the SDK as application5 days
cluster-cameraCluster mode camera application2 years
cluster-dashboardCluster mode dashboard application2 years
cluster-homescreenCluster mode homescreen application2 years
cluster-hvacCluster mode hvac application2 years
cluster-launcherCluster mode launcher application.2 years
cluster-qtquickcontrolsCluster mode qtquickcontrols style2 years
cluster-settingsCluster mode settings application2 years
cluster-tachometerCluster mode tachometer application2 years
controlsControls (setup) reference application5 days
dashboardDashboard reference application5 days
demo3-cameraapps/demo3-camera5 days
demo3-dashboardapps/demo3-dashboard5 days
demo3-homescreenapps/demo3-homescreen5 days
demo3-hvacapps/demo3-hvac5 days
demo3-launcherapps/demo3-launcher5 days
demo3-settingsapps/demo3-settings5 days
demo3-tachometerapps/demo3-tachometer5 days
demo3-warehouseapps/demo3-warehouse5 days
homescreenAGL Home Screen reference implementation5 days
homescreen-demo-ciUnnamed repository5 days
html5-dashboardHTML implementation of the dashboard5 days
html5-homescreenHTML implementation of the homescreen5 days
html5-hvacHTML implementation of the HVAC application5 days
html5-launcherHTML application for listing and launching runnable applications.5 days
html5-mediaplayerHTML implementation of the mediaplayer5 days
html5-mixerHTML implementation of the mixer5 days
html5-settingsHTML implementation of the settings5 days
hvacHVAC reference application5 days
launcherApplication for display runnable applications icons and launch them5 days
low-level-can-service8 months
mediaplayerMediaplayer reference application5 days
messagingSample messaging app5 days
mixerMixer reference application5 days
navigationNavigation application for AGL which utilizes service bindings5 days
ondemandnaviNew navigation app using online maps5 days
onscreenappApplication to display on screen messages using the new hmi framework (windowman...5 days
phonePhone reference application5 days
poi-yelppoiapp application using the yelp api5 days
radioRadio reference application5 days
restriction-screenApplication display restriction screen over other application for safety.5 days
settingsSettings (submenu) reference application5 days
settings-bluetooth8 months
settings-log-utilsLogging extension utility5 days
settings-wifi8 months
taskmanagerTaskmanager UI5 days
tbtnaviApplication and display turn by turn information from navigation.5 days
videoplayerAGL Demo video player application5 days
waltham-receiverSample remote streaming 'waltham receiver'5 days
4a-alsa-core17 months
4a-hal-community4 years
4a-hal-configs18 months
4a-hal-generic18 months
4a-hal-reference4 years
4a-hal-unicens17 months
4a-hal-utilities17 months
4a-softmixer17 months
4a-tools17 months
agl-compositorAGL compositor (using wayland)5 days
agl-js-apiWebapps JS bindings with the app framework5 days
agl-shell-activatoragl-shell-activator companion tool for use with agl-compositor5 days
app-framework-binderApplication Framework binder daemon, maintained by team5 days
app-framework-demoApplication Framework demos, maintained by team5 days
app-framework-host-utilities8 months
app-framework-mainApplication Framework main service, maintained by team5 days
avirt10 months
can-lin4 years
cmake-apps-moduleCMake Apps module to ease development, maintained by team5 days
cynagoauthauth plugin5 days
cynagoauthsUnnamed repository19 months
cynagoraA version of cynara with support of security tokens.5 days
demo3-qtquickcontrolssrc/demo3-qtquickcontrols5 days
demo3-warehouse-serversrc/demo3-warehouse-server5 days
drm-lease-managerUnnamed repository5 days
homescreen-demo-cihomescreen-demo-ci - homescreen replacement app for CI test use.5 days
homescreenappframeworkbinderagl3 years
hvacplugin4 years
inputeventmanagerAGL Input Event Manager reference implementation5 days
libafb-helpersApplication Framework helper library5 days
libagl-compositorLibrary for providing easy access to the private extensions advertised by the ag...5 days
libaglnavigationNavigation client library for applications5 days
libappcontrollerApplication controller library5 days
libavirt10 months
libcloudproxycloud proxy service library5 days
libhomescreenA C++ shared library to access the HomeScreen D-Bus API5 days
libqtappfwLibrary wrapping AppFW message processing and bindings within Qt objects5 days
libqthomescreenA Qt wrapper library of libhomescreen for Qt applications in AGL5 days
libqtsoundmanagerA Qt library for agl-service-soundmanager5 days
libqtwindowmanager10 months
libsoundmanagerA library for agl-service-soundmanager5 days
libwindowmanager10 months
log-utilssrc/log-utils5 days
low-level-can-generatorLow level CAN generator, used to generate application code from CAN signals JSON...5 days
mostmost driver components maintained by microchip5 days
nss-localusernss-localuser is a plugin for the GNU Name Service Switch (NSS)5 days
pipewire-ic-ipcUnnamed repository5 days
pulseaudio-module-4a18 months
pyaglPython AGL binding wrappers and tests4 days
qa-test-miscSources for various tests that we have recipes for but no good upstream5 days
qa-testdefinitionsQA testdedinitions for LAVA5 days
qtaglextrasQt modules for AGL applications compatible with AGL AppFw and Demo HomeScreen/Wi...5 days
qtquickcontrols2-aglAGL demo custom QtQuickControls2 widgets5 days
qtquickcontrols2-agl-styleAGL QtQuickControls2 style customizations.5 days
unicens8 months
vod-servervideo server for streaming5 days
waltham-receiverUnnamed repository9 months
waltham-transmitter-pluginWaltham transmitter plugin5 days
weston-ivi-pluginsweston-ivi-plugins5 days
windowmanager[deprecated] AGL WindowManager reference implementation (replaced by agl-service...5 days
xdg-cluster-demo-receiverCluster receiver demo native application12 months
xds/xds-agent8 months
xds/xds-cliXDS cli5 days
xds/xds-commonXDS common components5 days
xds/xds-docsXDS Documentation5 days
xds/xds-gdbXDS gdb5 days
xds/xds-serverXDS server5 days
AudioManagerPlugins8 months
ConnectedControlsField data control for connected vehicle fleets3 months
HomeScreen8 months
agl-audio-plugin8 months
agl-inputmethod-qt-pluginUnnamed repository5 days
agl-jta-results8 months
basesystemStaging repository of 'basesystem' component.5 days
documentsDocuments for review10 months
homescreen-20178 months
libsoundmanagerLibrary for SoundManager audio framework5 days
libwindowmanager8 months
most-can-demo-bin8 months
new-appsRepo to submit apps in a subfolder for review before inclusion in AGL5 days
qlibhomescreenHMI Framework homescreen wrapper library for Qt applications5 days
qlibsoundmanagerHMI Framework soundmanager wrapper library for Qt applications5 days
qlibwindowmanager8 months
qtmultimedia-rtlfm-radio-plugin8 months
rbaRule Based Arbitrator5 days
release-upload8 months
soundmanagerSound Manager provides Abstract API of Audio Manager Interface and service bindi...5 days
tizen-application-manager8 months
toyotaStaging repository for code5 days
windowmanager8 months
xdg-launcherLauncher for XDG applications on AGL Demo with HomeScreen/WindowManager5 days