AGL-JTAAGL's LTSI test framework3 months
AGL-JTA-core3 months
ci-managementCI jobs on AGL Jenkins, written in jjb yaml style.18 hours
z_sandboxGerrit Jenkins sandbox.17 months
AGL-distroUnnamed repository7 months
AGL-repoUnnamed repository16 hours
DemoApps/ALS2016Unnamed repository3 months
DemoApps/CES2016Unnamed repository3 months
DemoApps/CES2017Unnamed repository6 weeks
DocumentsUnnamed repository8 months
Test-ProjectSandbox for testing AGL gerrit governance16 months
docker-worker-generatorUnnamed repository26 hours
meta-aglmeta-agl layer (core AGL)61 min.
meta-agl-demometa-agl-demo layer (demo/staging/"one-shot")60 min.
meta-agl-develmeta-agl-devel (Development and Community BSPs)4 weeks
meta-agl-extrameta-agl-extra (additional/optional components for AGL)22 hours
meta-renesas4 weeks
releng-scriptsUnnamed repository3 months
controlsUnnamed repository3 weeks
homeUnnamed repository3 weeks
homescreenAGL Home Screen reference implementation7 days
hvacUnnamed repository3 weeks
mediaplayerUnnamed repository3 weeks
mixerUnnamed repository3 weeks
radioUnnamed repository3 weeks
settingsUnnamed repository6 days
settings-bluetoothUnnamed repository3 weeks
settings-wifiUnnamed repository3 weeks
app-framework-binderApplication Framework binder daemon, maintained by team8 hours
app-framework-demoApplication Framework demos, maintained by team5 days
app-framework-mainApplication Framework main service, maintained by team29 hours
can-lincan driver components maintained by microchip6 weeks
homescreenappframeworkbinderaglThe proxy between the HomeScreen application and the Application Framework7 days
hvacpluginUnnamed repository6 weeks
inputeventmanagerAGL Input Event Manager reference implementation4 weeks
libhomescreenA C++ shared library to access the HomeScreen D-Bus API7 days
mostmost driver components maintained by microchip4 weeks
qa-test-miscUnnamed repository6 weeks
unicensUnnamed repository6 weeks
vod-serverUnnamed repository6 weeks
windowmanagerAGL WindowManager reference implementation7 days
AudioManagerPluginsUnnamed repository9 months
HomeScreenAGL Home Screen reference implementation (obsolete)3 weeks
agl-audio-pluginUnnamed repository4 months
agl-jta-resultsUnnamed repository13 days
bluetooth-manager-bindingUnnamed repository3 months
meta-iot-aglCollection of layers on top of meta-agl developed by iot.bzh3 months
meta-optee-aglop-tee related recipes7 months
most-can-demo-binBinary components for most and can for ALS 2016 demo only2 months
qtmultimedia-rtlfm-radio-pluginRTL-SDR radio plugin for QtMultimedia3 weeks
qtwaylandUnnamed repository11 months
tizen-application-managerTizen IVI 3.0 Application Framework5 weeks
wayland-ivi-extensionUnnamed repository11 months
westonUnnamed repository11 months
wifi-manager-bindingUnnamed repository3 months