BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterBackport fix for image class dependenciesJan-Simon Möller14 hours
dabweston-ini-conf: Fix task signatures, mark as machine-specific packageTom Rini14 hours
sandbox/jobol/sdsaf-main: remove invocation of PAMJosé Bollo2 days
sandbox/ronan/pyro_m3_bsp_2.23[TMP] update rcar gen3 to BSP 2.23Ronan Le Martret5 weeks
sandbox/jsmoeller/dab_autorev_tagsDeal with switching between development/AUTOREV and release/TAGSJan-Simon Möller6 weeks
sandbox/ronan/pyro_m3Fix u-boot deployRonan Le Martret6 weeks
sandbox/sdesneux/pyro_m3Revert "[rcar-gen3] Fix webp bbappend"Stephane Desneux8 weeks
sandbox/locust2001/pyrometa-agl-bsp/classes/image.bbclass: Arrange for pyroChanghyeok Bae3 months
sandbox/claneys/low-lvl-can-integrationFix: build low can service using YoctoRomain Forlot3 months
sandbox/jsmoeller/fix-image-fstypesFix for image format dependencies during parsingJan-Simon Möller3 months
4.99.1commit 970a7f8e15...Jan-Simon Möller5 days
eel/4.99.1commit 970a7f8e15...Jan-Simon Möller5 days
eel_4.99.1commit 970a7f8e15...Jan-Simon Möller5 days
4.0.2commit a5f69d3d31...Jan-Simon Möller8 days
dab/4.0.2commit a5f69d3d31...Jan-Simon Möller8 days
dab_4.0.2commit a5f69d3d31...Jan-Simon Möller8 days
4.0.1commit 7b971469a8...Jan-Simon Möller6 weeks
dab/4.0.1commit 7b971469a8...Jan-Simon Möller6 weeks
dab_4.0.1commit 7b971469a8...Jan-Simon Möller6 weeks
3.0.5commit 29c296c3e1...Jan-Simon Möller2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
14 hoursBackport fix for image class dependenciesHEADmasterJan-Simon Möller1-5/+9
4 daysmeta-agl-bsp: Make more and better use of WIC imagesTom Rini4-3/+10
4 daysBSPs: Do not use := for AGL_DEFAULT_IMAGE_FSTYPESTom Rini5-5/+5
4 daysmeta-agl-bsp: Re-merge image-vm/image.bbclass overlaysTom Rini4-9/+9
4 daysmeta-agl-bsp: Enable WIC support for Raspberry Pi 2/3Tom Rini2-10/+26
4 daysAdd feature for enabling the YP ptest capabilitiesJan-Simon Möller3-2/+9
5 daysweston: Set require-input to false in weston.iniLeon Anavi3-28/+1
5 daysmeta-agl-bsp: imx6: Add EGL support for iMX6 in Weston 2.0Mihail Grigorov5-0/+388
5 daysmeta-agl-bsp: imx6: Update the imx6sabreauto machine templateMihail Grigorov1-0/+1
5 daysmeta-agl-bsp: imx6: Update the imx6qsabrelite machine templateMihail Grigorov5-6/+41