BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFix optee-os buildRonan Le Martret27 hours
chinookRemoved touchscreen fix on gen3Ronan Le Martret8 days
sandbox/sdesneux/rcar-gen3meta-agl-bsp/meta-rcar-gen3: revert gcc fixes for arm-trusted-firmwareStephane Desneux8 weeks
sandbox/tisogai/ces2017Remove audiomanager from package group to be buildable only with meta-ivi.Toshiaki Isogai3 months
blowfishFix: CVE-2016-1238 recent perl doesn't include cwdRomain Forlot4 months
sandbox/ygicquel/gen3-bringuprcar-gen3: add m3ulcb and salvator-x reference designYannick Gicquel5 months
mortyaliging Gstreamer prefered with Yocto 2.2 defaultsDominig ar Foll5 months
sandbox/jsmoeller/krogothChanges for building with YP 2.1.1 'krogoth'Jan-Simon Möller7 months
sandbox/jsmoeller/templaterework[RFC] Rework AGL template system into single templateJan-Simon Möller9 months
sandbox/jose/wipupgrade to new namings and bug fixesJosé Bollo9 months
3.0.2commit f12cf6c411...Jan-Simon Möller3 weeks
chinook/3.0.2commit f12cf6c411...Jan-Simon Möller3 weeks
chinook_3.0.2commit f12cf6c411...Jan-Simon Möller3 weeks
2.0.5commit 775d5687d4...Jan-Simon Möller8 weeks
blowfish_2.0.5commit 775d5687d4...Jan-Simon Möller8 weeks
3.0.1commit 301c9b3236...Jan-Simon Möller8 weeks
chinook/3.0.1commit 301c9b3236...Jan-Simon Möller8 weeks
chinook_3.0.1commit 301c9b3236...Jan-Simon Möller8 weeks
3.0.0commit fb57dd647f...Jan-Simon Möller2 months
chinook/3.0.0commit fb57dd647f...Jan-Simon Möller2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
27 hoursFix optee-os buildHEADmasterRonan Le Martret6-0/+2133
36 hoursRemoved wl-shell-emulator from AGLRonan Le Martret6-6/+6
4 daysmeta-rcar-3 setup: slight refactoringMartin Kelly1-5/+6
4 daysMerge "[rcar-gen3] Port python-wand for meta-agl-bsp"Jan-Simon Moeller2-0/+20
4 daysMerge "Rename weston bbappend recipes for ti"Jan-Simon Moeller1-4/+0
4 daysMerge "[rcar-gen3] Disable ipv6"Jan-Simon Moeller2-1/+6
4 daysMerge "[rcar-gen3] update weston recipes bbappend"Jan-Simon Moeller2-1/+26
4 daysMerge "[rcar-gen3] blacklist the recipes-forward-port from bsp"Jan-Simon Moeller3-1/+6
4 daysMerge "update wayland-ivi-extention to 1.10.90 for ti bsp"Jan-Simon Moeller1-0/+0
4 daysMerge "Remove wayland 1.9.0 recipes"Jan-Simon Moeller9-303/+0