BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAdd SCHED_DEBUG and PROC_EVENT config fragmentFrode Isaksen45 hours
sandbox/ohporter/kf-v2.23.1-pyrometa-agl-bsp/meta-rcar-gen3: Add u-boot-script-rcar-gen3 to ease bootTom Rini46 hours
eelRemoving qtwebkit to be replaced by qtwebengineRomain Forlot46 hours
sandbox/locust2001/rockomesa: Arrange the recipeChanghyeok Bae2 days
sandbox/ohporter/kf-btwifimeta-rcar-gen3: add WiLink8 firmware and BT daemon to image for KF supportMatt Porter8 days
sandbox/claneys/qtwebengineRemoving qtwebkit to be replaced by qtwebengineRomain Forlot12 days
sandbox/sdesneux/kingfisher-early[kingfishe] first draftrepo syncronan2 weeks
sandbox/cajun-rat/kasuteraAdd sota support for Renesas R-Car M3Anton Gerasimov2 weeks
dabFix: wrong config.xml file used to build widgetRomain Forlot4 weeks
sandbox/jobol/sdsaf-main: remove invocation of PAMJosé Bollo5 weeks
4.99.4commit 2c5e0e646a...Jan-Simon Möller5 days
eel/4.99.4commit 2c5e0e646a...Jan-Simon Möller5 days
eel_4.99.4commit 2c5e0e646a...Jan-Simon Möller5 days
4.99.3commit 9cdd1e7b56...Jan-Simon Möller3 weeks
eel/4.99.3commit 9cdd1e7b56...Jan-Simon Möller3 weeks
eel_4.99.3commit 9cdd1e7b56...Jan-Simon Möller3 weeks
4.99.2commit f0e87b1656...Jan-Simon Möller5 weeks
eel/4.99.2commit f0e87b1656...Jan-Simon Möller5 weeks
eel_4.99.2commit f0e87b1656...Jan-Simon Möller5 weeks
4.99.1commit 970a7f8e15...Jan-Simon Möller2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
45 hoursAdd SCHED_DEBUG and PROC_EVENT config fragmentHEADmasterFrode Isaksen2-0/+3
46 hoursRemoving qtwebkit to be replaced by qtwebengineRomain Forlot2-2/+1
46 hoursaf-main: Fix a meaningless linkJosé Bollo1-1/+0
46 hoursEnabled general Intel bluetooth driver support instead of specific one.Kien Dinh2-7/+4
46 hoursA larger value is set as default-id-offsetTadao Tanikawa1-1/+1
47 hoursmeta-intel: Ensure we pass the microcode as initrd in wic imagesTom Rini2-2/+2
5 daysivi-controller: add resize setting suit to surface sizeWataru Mizuno2-0/+63
5 daysadding support for .wic .wic.xz as source for imageDominig ar Foll Intel Open Source2-28/+120
5 daysmeta-intel: Switch to using WIC images onlyTom Rini4-25/+44
5 dayslightmediascanner: add ~/Videos to initial media scanMatt Ranostay1-1/+1