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2019-08-01Allow to set host+port using params in config.jsonsandbox/SebD/wipSebastien Douheret1-29/+31
Default influxDB host and port can now be set using params field of plugins section of harvester-config.json file. For example : "plugins": [ { "uid": "influxdb", "info": "Plugins that handle influxdb read and write", "libs": "influxdb.ctlso", "params": { "host": "localhost", "port": 8086 } } ], Change-Id: Iff0fffe1d0883304413d887986991a207b840aa7 Signed-off-by: Sebastien Douheret <sebastien.douheret@iot.bzh>
2019-08-01Tweak json configuration file.Sebastien Douheret1-1/+0
Remove the spath in the json configuration in order for the controller to search the plugin in the default path. Change-Id: If7e53fe1048117822648ac026fda2f07c8b4cfaa Signed-off-by: Sebastien Douheret <sebastien.douheret@iot.bzh>
2018-07-10Set reader function unavailable for nowRomain Forlot1-4/+0
Reader is WIP and should not be used for the moment. Change-Id: Ic106dbe9382f0611ab8c05c6bb4ca61e4153eb39 Signed-off-by: Romain Forlot <romain.forlot@iot.bzh>
2018-07-10Convert the binding to use the controllerRomain Forlot3-0/+87
Ease Time series DB abstraction layer by using Dyn API that implemente the API defined by the JSON schema. Change-Id: I67de4fbca10048201fdd2da683732a5f4f5b5368 Signed-off-by: Romain Forlot <romain.forlot@iot.bzh>