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Update navigation event names
Change set_destination/cancel_navigation to match the setDestination/cancelNavigation that alexa-voiceagent-service seems to have switched to at some point between 1.3 and 2.0. It does not seem worthwhile trying to get Amazon to change on their side, and additionally 2.1 changes the whole API so capabilities will need to be reworked again anyway. Bug-AGL: SPEC-3083 Signed-off-by: Scott Murray <scott.murray@konsulko.com> Change-Id: I52c0eb78c6c3c27b8c5714092f235aa409cfcc18 (cherry picked from commit bad0a516cd461f5a5385da841858504b67ee5832)
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- <input type="checkbox" id="set_destination" checked>
- <label>set_destination</label>
+ <input type="checkbox" id="setDestination" checked>
+ <label>setDestination</label>
- <input type="checkbox" id="cancel_navigation" checked>
- <label>cancel_navigation</label>
+ <input type="checkbox" id="cancelNavigation" checked>
+ <label>cancelNavigation</label>