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2017-10-31Remove afb-binding.h inclusionYuta Doi1-2/+1
In libhomescreen, afb-binding.h inclusion occurres a lots of compile error. Only use afb/afb-wsj1.h and afb/afb-ws-client.h. Change-Id: I8f606206cf0f833c765c85eb8e91aab008dac116 Signed-off-by: Yuta Doi <yuta-d@witz-inc.co.jp>
2017-10-31Add debug message macros controlled by environment variablezheng_wenlong2-41/+98
Add a HMI_DEBUG macro to print debug messages. It is controlled by the USE_HMI_DEBUG environment variable. BUG-AGL: SPEC-998 Change-Id: Ic1a3c8267e736def4456204f14bdac38ad105fe8 Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2017-10-31Use correct windowmanager api calling sequencezheng_wenlong1-26/+47
For an application which doesn't use qt, but wants to use the windowmanager-service, the application needs to call the windowmanager api in the correct sequence. Change this sample application to use the correct sequence. Rule1: Between activeSurface and syncDraw, application should not draw anything. Rule2: An application can change the window size when it received a syncDraw event, it does not need to do it in ivi_surface configuration. [Patch Sets 2] Miss a drawing control flag code, fix it. BUG-AGL: SPEC-988 Change-Id: I913d80653c864b5c1039da9a15b616666bdde6e3 Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2017-10-30Modify function argument from char to jsonzheng_wenlong3-32/+87
Change libhomescreen event api from char to json. Also modify samples who use this. BUG-AGL: SPEC-992 Change-Id: Id3986d413f9494019f6b175488dd73de226ba020 Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2017-10-30Remove the redundant thread loopzheng_wenlong1-5/+0
Because libhomescreen already has a thread to receive events, we can remove the thread loop in libhomescreen. Related Commit: https://gerrit.automotivelinux.org/gerrit/#/c/11403/ BUG-AGL: SPEC-989 Change-Id: I32d65efcf32f3395719837339659ff94b3e64889 Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2017-10-30Move sample from agl-service-homescreen-2017zheng_wenlong19-0/+2801
This sample is using libhomescren with homescreen sevice, So better move inside of libhomescreen. Related Commit: https://gerrit.automotivelinux.org/gerrit/#/c/11429/ [Patch Sets 2] Rebased to c0e6b4d9496eacabeffc4115fad7c1a288de60c8 [Patch Sets 3] Delete ivi-application-client-protocol.h and some trailing whitespace. [Patch Sets 4] Change temlate/README to README.md [Patch Sets 5] Rebased to 572023336d9573d3d5636d7e61a8dd3ed8878b0d [Patch Sets 6] Add LICENSE.APL-2.0 and LICENSE.MIT to sample. Modify config.xml license to APL 2.0 + MIT. BUG-AGL: SPEC-988 Change-Id: Id9a1a2401a9a0a42442ce84025213036a4fccd78 Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>