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2018-08-01Merge "Change bluetooth status using agl-service-bluetooth"Jan-Simon Moeller1-0/+1
2018-08-01Change bluetooth status using agl-service-bluetoothzheng_wenlong1-0/+1
Use libqtappfw's bluetooth to connection with agl-service-bluetooth. Instead of using dbus. Change-Id: I87610e0037b586fe08db86325b03f767dbe36537 Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>
2018-07-27Convert StatusBarModel to get WiFi status info from network bindingMatt Porter1-0/+1
The StatusBarModel updates icons using an exposed DBus API that avoids the appfw. The new networking binding does not support the out of band StatusBar DBus API. Use events from the network binding (exposed as Qt properties) to update the WiFi status indicator. Bug-AGL: SPEC-1628 Change-Id: Ie91f69c1d5d54d4fb225e4e99a1d5a94a0dc83e7 Signed-off-by: Matt Porter <mporter@konsulko.com>
2018-02-13homescreen: add OpenWeatherMap data to homescreenMatt Ranostay1-0/+1
Use agl-service-weather weather data via libqtappfw framework on homescreen interface. Bug-AGL: SPEC-1273 Change-Id: If591b74c1e6a912384abf6289128ec9a4a1101b4 Signed-off-by: Matt Ranostay <matt.ranostay@konsulko.com>
2017-12-14Fix installation infoTasuku Suzuki1-0/+4
Change-Id: I7f5cfa2ca77d1eba9fbfb29e700ca9f7787e241e Signed-off-by: Tasuku Suzuki <tasuku.suzuki@qt.io>
2017-10-18Start by default the homescreenRomain Forlot1-0/+1
Adding required permission to enable the systemd service unit by default. Bug-AGL: SPEC-968 Change-Id: Id8740e1f70e7ca53fd242756e83b640f6584aadf Signed-off-by: Romain Forlot <romain.forlot@iot.bzh>
2017-10-02Add homescreen-2017eel_4.99.1eel/
Add new homescreen-2017 with agl-service-windowmanaeger-2017 and agl-service-homescreen-2017. About this information see JIRA SPEC-871. [PatchSet2] Use aglwgt make package. Delete homescreensimulator and sampleapptimedate beacuse not use them. Change-Id: I402134d0386e76b2127ca95b9b0b48c1721b4086 Signed-off-by: zheng_wenlong <wenlong_zheng@nexty-ele.com>