GeoFence Service


GeoFence service allows events to be triggered when vehicle enters, leaves, or dwells within a defined bounding box


Name Description JSON Parameters
subscribe subscribe to geofence events Request: {"value": "fence"}
unsubscribe unsubscribe to geofence events Request: {"value": "fence"}
add_fence add geofence bounding box Request: {"name": "fence_name", "bbox": [...]}
remove_fence remove named geofence Request: {"name": "fence_name" }
list_fences list current bounding boxes and state Response: array of {"name": "fence_name, "bbox": [...], "within": false, "dwell": false}
dwell_transition get/set dwell transition time interval Request: {"value": 10} Response: {"seconds": 10}

Bounding Box

Fence boundaries are defined with a bounding box parameter (i.e. bbox) in the following format

 "bbox": {
        "min_latitude": 45.600136,
        "max_latitude": 45.600384,
        "min_longitude": -122.499217,
        "max_longitude": -122.498732,


Name Description JSON Response
fence event that reports geofence status {"name": "fence_name", "state": "entered"}

fence Event Notes

state parameter in event response can have one of the following values entered, exited, or dwell