agl-identity-agent is an OpenID Connect Identity service/binding for AGL (Automotive Grade Linux).


The binding currently reads its configuration from a file.

When an NFC tag is detected, the server is queried to get the data associated with the key provided (keytoken=...) for the current vehicle (vin=...). This key is an alfanumeric value linked to the user. If this query is successful, the user is considered to be logged in. An event notifying that a new user logged in, is sent to the applications that registered an interest (i.e., this is not a broadcasted event).

The configuration file

The configuration file is a JSON file residing in one of the following places:

  • ID/config.json
  • /etc/agl/identity-agent-config.json
  • CWD/config.json

Where ID is the installation directory and CWD is the current working directory.

The JSON looks like:

 "endpoint": "https://agl-graphapi.forgerocklabs.org/getuserprofilefromtoken",
 "vin": "4T1BF1FK5GU260429",
 "autoadvise": true,
 "delay": 5,
 "idp": {
     "authorization_endpoint": "",
     "token_endpoint": "https://agl-am.forgerocklabs.org:8043/openam/oauth2/stateless/access_token"
 "appli": {
     "authorization": "Basic c3RhdGVsZXNzOnBhc3N3b3JkMg==",
     "username": "bjensen",
     "password": "Passw0rd",
     "scope": "openid profile email cn sn givenName ou mail postalAddress departmentNumber physicalDeliveryOfficeName facsimileTelephoneNumber"


  • delay is the delay where server request is ignored when a previous request is started since sthis dealy
  • autoadvise is a boolean indicating whether the binding must start the service automatically at initialisation
  • vin is the vehicule identification number
  • endpoint is the enpoint to be queried for getting user data
  • idp describes the OAuth2/OpenId Connect IDP (identity provider)
  • appli describes the data of the application for the IDP

Not setting idp or appli implies that no token is queried.

Verbs of API


Subscribes to event notifications.

No argument needed.


Unsubscribes from event notifications.

No argument needed.


Test identity agent interface sending login event to interested parties. This case allows to isolate the agent from the agl-service-nfc and oidc interface.


Logout from the current identity.

No argument needed.


Test the identity agent functionality without the need for agl-service-nfc.


Returns the data for the current identity.

No argument needed.

Events of API

The binding sends the event agl-identity-agent/event.

This event signals logins and logouts. It has 2 fields: eventName and accountId.

For login events, the eventName is the string login and the accountId is the string identifying the account.

Example of login event:

  "eventName": "login",
  "accountId": "farfoll"

For login events, the eventName is the string logout and the accountId is the string null.

Example of logout event:

  "eventName": "logout",
  "accountId": "null"

OAuth2 & OpenId Connect integration

When the fields 'appli' and 'idp' are set, the agent uses the related data to query an access token for accessing the account data using the flow Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant.