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+**Table of Content**
+1. TOC
+## Context
+In today's world, the information for drivers is becoming excessive. For
+example, safety information to let the driver notice the obstacles on the road,
+telematics information about car accident or traffic jam, media information
+from connected phones etc. In the future, it is expected that the
+more displays will be available in the car and show more information.
+TFT (Thin-Film transistor) Cluster will have more information, other than
+engine speed and a map, with a Head-Up-Display projected onto the windshield
+will bring driver to new world. With the constant bombardment of information
+drivers will have a hard time making sure their eyes on the road, avoiding
+needless distractions.
+As we need more comprehensive Human Machine Interfaces, which displays the
+information that the driver needs on appropriate device and on time with
+a comprehensive user interface, a screen-sharing, remoting mechanism between
+multiple ECUs (Electronic Control Unit) will be necessary. For that, a protocol
+working over the network has been devised that could solve this problem.
+## Waltham protocol
+[Waltham protocol]( is a IPC library similar
+to [Wayland](, developed with networking in
+mind. It operates over TCP sockets, while the wayland protocol only
+works locally over a UNIX socket. It retains wayland-esque paradigm, making use
+of XMLs to describe the protocol, and it follows an object-oriented design with
+an asynchronous architecture.
+It was developed by Collabora Ltd., along with ADIT, a joint venture company
+owned by Robert Bosch Car Multimedia GmbH and DENSO corporation. It supports
+surface sharing via network, but sharing function itself is not implemented in
+Waltham. Please refer [Waltham
+documentation]( for more details.
+### Major differences from Wayland to Waltham
+- Waltham uses TCP sockets for reliable communication
+- Waltham cannot send file descriptors
+- Waltham API is minimal and symmetric between server and client sides
+- Waltham does not provide an event loop implementation
+- The registry implementation is left out of the library, only the interface is
+ provided
+- No multi-threading support for sharing objects between threads
+### Requirements in automotive industry
+In order to use Waltham in automotive industry, the automotive specific
+requirements must be covered.
+The below shows very high level requirements. You can find the further
+requirements at [**Waltham Requirements**](
+1. Shall be able to support fast/reliable remoting among multiple ECUs
+2. Shall be able to support input handling
+3. Shall be able to share dedicated application
+4. Shall be able to share complete display output depending on additional
+ communication
+* Surface sharing is not part of Waltham protocol, each system needs to
+implement the most efficient way for surface sharing. On AGL, we implemented
+[Waltham client and Receiver]( to enable
+surface sharing along with GStreamer encoder/decoder. It uses UDP for remoting,
+which is faster than TCP. Input events communicates with Waltham
+### Links
+* [Announcement of Waltham](
+* [Bi-weekly meeting minutes](
+* [UI and Graphics wiki](
+* [Waltham source codes](;a=tree;h=refs/heads/master;hb=refs/heads/master)