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This adds support for set_app_float, set_app_fullscreen and set_app_normal for the gRPC interface. In more detail this includes the following changes: - d2dcfd079aa110 AglShellGrpcClient: Add set_app_fullscreen functionality - 1542448f3084e7 src: add support for set_app_normal - 5695439dc3b1a4 src: Add set_app_float request support - 7d66c470049050 src: Fix iteration over actions Bug-AGL: SPEC-4673 Change-Id: Ief168f7383f691271248234f68df7644b1b1057d Signed-off-by: Marius Vlad <> Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Job builder account ci-image-build: Jenkins Job builder account ci-image-boot-test: Jenkins Job builder account Reviewed-by: Jan-Simon Moeller <>
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